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Pioneering linebacker DiNunzio makes visceral decision to sit out 2014 WWCFL season

As a pioneering force in female football in Western Canada, it was a visceral decision for Kait DiNunzio to sit out the 2014 regular season in the Western Womens’ Canadian Football League. Competing with the Calgary Rage since the league’s inception in 2011, DiNunzio proudly represented Team Alberta at the 2012 Canadian women’s national championship tournament.

While DiNunzio has helped shatter barriers on the gridiron, she has built a strong career off it. A real-life definition of the word empowerment, she is an in-demand business consultant and speaker while having recently tied the knot. Coupled with administrative duties for the WWCFL, she may be one of the hardest working women in football.

Approaching her decision with maturity, it is testament to DiNunzio’s remarkable acumen and leadership skills. While she has commitments to family, building her business and helping steer the WWCFL in a direction of exciting and sustainable growth, the issue of quality on the field became a point of concern.

While the word value is certainly a buzz word in the realm of commerce, it is one that she took to heart in assessing the choice of whether to hang up her helmet for 2014. On social media, DiNuznio remarked about her decision with grace and dignity.

In mentioning that it would not be fair to family, clients, colleagues and potential teammates if she spread herself too thin, DiNunzio emphasized the importance of bringing any real value. As winter slowly transitions into spring, tryouts and practices are well under way for the Rage. Embodying the true spirit of teamwork, she stated that she did not want to be just a warm body on the field.

Although she will remain a part of the league’s administrative team, there is no question that the Rage and the sisterhood of teammates shall occupy a place in her heart. With her leadership and friendship over the years, it is certainly a feeling that shall be reciprocated by the remarkable women that shall don the Rage colours this season.

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