DL Albert ready for next challenge

(photo courtesy of Trayvon Albert)

Trayon Albert earned recognition as a WHSFL All-Star from the ‘A’ Maples Marauders in 2016. Last season, Trayvon piled up 26 tackles and 5 sacks in his senior year.

The Marauders standout enjoys both sides of the line for different reasons. Trayvon explained, “For offense what I really like is being aggressive and love the feeling after I put someone on the ground. On defense the number one thing I like the most is making the big tackle.”

Trayvon’s plans for after high school are to go to Red River College, and he’s going to be playing for the Winnipeg Rifles this upcoming football season.

This year Trayvon had been asked to come and tryout for the Rifles. Trayvon talked about his experience with the team, “Throughout the process it was rough at first getting use to how much faster you had to be. But once I have adapted, I started doing really good.”

Trayvon would like to play for the Manitoba Bisons in the future, and feels like the Winnipeg Rifles are a good way of taking the next step to get there.

When his time has come to play at the next level, Trayvon feels that he will be able to adjust very quickly. ”All I do is work and train to be ready to bring on the challenge,” replied Trayvon.

In order to prepare himself for his next challenge, Trayvon has been working out as his school gym, and he’s also been going to the Rifles workout sessions.

The number one person that’s been influential towards Trayvon has been his coach at Maples, Peter Serrette. Trayvon said of Serrette, “He has been telling me if I put in the work and really commit that it will pay off one day and it really has.”

Football is like a challenge to Trayvon, and he looks to do his best in that challenge.

Throughout his years of playing football, Trayvon has learnt that even though you might be doing bad or not the best, to keep strong and focus because the outcome will be great.


Trayvon Albert
Offensive Line (Center), Defensive Line (Defensive Tackle)
5’11, 256 lbs

Teams: Maples Marauders (WHSFL)
Commitment: none
Official Visits: none
Considerations: open
Class: 2017

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