DL Deblois out to prove doubters wrong

Faucons standout generating early CIS interest

Levis-Lauzon Faucons defensive lineman Alexandre Deblois has always been viewed as an underdog.

Alexandre Deblois

Defensive Line

6’0, 240 lbs

Levis-Lauzon Faucons (CEGEP Division 1)
Pointe-Levy Consaires (RSEQ Division 1B)


Official Visits:

Montreal, Open



Alexandre Deblois has been around his fair share of winning.

He spent his entire high school career with the Pointe-Levy Consaires of RSEQ Division 1B. The Consaires were one of the premiere teams in the RSEQ during his tenure, going undefeated on two occasions and winning a total of three Bol D’Or Championships. For 2015, the 6’0 defensive lineman transitioned to the Levis-Lauzon Faucons of CEGEP Division 1.

Deblois has always had to prove people wrong because of his size, and to date, he has done just that.

“I’ve always been a underdog so I want to prove myself and others I belong to the top of this league,” Deblois expressed of his attitude on the gridiron, “Also, I like football because it pushes me to train myself and push my limits.”


It was a game during the preseason that Deblois realized he had the ‘it’ factor to compete at a high level in CEGEP’s top division.

“My highlight was actually on the preseason when we played against a NCAA [Division 3] team, the Alfred Saxon,” he reflected. “I was starting at my position and I’ll always remember how stressed [out] I was. I was only 16 years old and was playing against big guys that were 22 years old. Despite that, I [made] some good plays. After, this I knew that I was able to dominate at the [CEGEP] Division 1 level.”

The 2018 grad acknowledges his parents as well as the Faucons defensive coordiantor, who also fulfilled that role with the Consaires during Deblois’ tenure, as making the biggest impacts on his life and career.

“My parents helped me a lot to play football. They always go to my games and they never stop cheering me on,” elaborated the 240-pounder. “One other person who helped me play football is my defensive coordonator Pier-Alain Bouffard. He coached me while I was playing for the Corsaires and now he’s also the defensive coordonator of the Faucons. He never stopped [believing] that even if I’m not the biggest [defensive lineman], I could still dominate my position.”


The soon-to-be sophomore helped his recruitment process immensely by doing something not often seen in CEGEP football, and it has already garnered him some interest from a local university.

“I was surprised to start every game of my rookie season and I think I did great. In mid-season, one coach from Montréal University talked to me a little bit about my plans for the future,” Deblois recalled. “I told him I want to study on mathematics and he replied that at Montréal they [have] a good program. So I was glad they tried to approach me soon. He didn’t even know I was on my rookie season so I’ll strongly consider Montréal on my plans.

“Montreal is the only team that has talked to me but, as I am still in my rookie year, I know I’ll start turning some heads.”

Deblois is working out with a program endorsed by the Faucons, and he is very impressed with the progress he has made thus far.

“I’m actually working out with EVOLUSPORT, a training company related to the Faucons,” elaborated the Levis-Lauzon standout. “I started training myself with them a year ago and I appreciate how my development is going so far.”


He has a lot to work on to prepare for 2016.

“My plan for this summer is keeping the same weight but adding some muscle and losing some fat to become faster and quicker because football is a game of speed,” he stated. “My goal for this summer is to be able to squat five plates for three reps.”

He is undecided on a career plan as of right now, but one thing’s for sure: football is in his immediate and future plans.

“I don’t know exactly what I what to do in life but I know I want to go to the university and play football,” Deblois said. “All I have to do now is focus on my studies and my workout to get bigger for next season.”



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