Dolphins’ arm strength

Despite not making the playoffs, the junior varsity Ajax -Pickering Dolphins of the Ontario Varsity Football League (OVFL) played a hard-fought season that produced two big offensive standouts.

First, Kenan Clarke, whose hands and explosive speed racked in many points for the Dolphins.

The other offensive executor was Justin Aliberti, the player throwing Clarke the ball.

This season, the Dolphins quarterback completed 114 passes in 174 attempts.  Additionally,  Aliberti threw for a total of 1747 yards, which placed him third in the league for total yards passing.

“I started playing football at defensive end,” reflected Aliberti.  “But then I dropped a lot of weight and realized I had a good arm.”

Aliberti has been playing for the Dolphins throughout his whole career.  Also, he has been playing alongside Clarke since the tyke level.

“He’s (Clarke) a close friend, and we have a good connection on the field,” adds Aliberti.

Clarke is not the only receiver that Aliberti has a connection with on the field. He considers his whole wide receiving core to be the best in the league, because of their reliability.

“It’s amazing if I scramble I already know where they’ll be,” said Aliberti.

Dolphins Head Coach Jeff McConkey agreed.

“When he can’t hit Clarke, he throws to everyone else,” said McConkey.  “He’s the toughest, strongest quarterback in the league.”

“He takes a lot of hits and gets right back up.”

Along with his strength and toughness is his dedication to the sport. When he’s not with his friends, Aliberti spends his free time training for football.

“I just want to be playing football,” said Aliberti.

McConkey said that Aliberti’s passion for the game is evident.

“He’s a student of the game and he loves the game,” added McConkey.

Aliberti hopes to one day take his game to the next level.  If football does not end up working out, he hopes to help the world.

“Anything that can make a difference, like a fire fighter or police officer,” said Aliberti.  “I also want to be active still.”

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