Edmonton’s New Coach Still Waiting for Chance to Play

The new coach of the Edmonton Football Team, Scott Milanovich, is yet to enter the field with his team. From his home in Florida, Scott Milanovich is following all sporting events on TV. During these last few months, he had more opportunities to play casino live games than do his job and play with his team. Here’s how he’s handling it.

Like Scott, he stays at home and watches not only CFL sports news but also the sports events of his previous club. Prior to coaching the Canadian team, Scott was with the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars, where he has been for the past three years. And after he joined the Edmonton Football Team, he had no choice but to wait for a new season.

In a recent interview, Milanovich stated that it gets more and more difficult to be at home every week. The only thing that the coach can do is to watch football matches on TV.

Also, the coach keeps in touch with his players from the league. The mood in the team is not the best – there is already a great desire to enter the field.

Watching football just on TV becomes even more difficult while the NCAA and NFL’s success goes up. Milanovich comments that it’s hard to watch something on TV when you miss it a lot. But this is much better than doing nothing at all.

Until now, the coach and his assistants who came to the team back in January were not even familiar with each other. Now colleagues do not have any questions about their work team and no indignations.

Now, the coach and his assistants regularly organize video conferences, so they already know each other very well.

Scott Milanovich responds positively about his colleagues, and he says that he has known some of them for a long time. For example, Noel Thorpe (now the head coach assistant) he has known since the days of the Gray Cups.

Scott also speaks out of his coordinator in a rather positive context. He states that when Noel played in the soccer mast, the game became aggressive and hard. Besides good player skills, Noel is also an excellent teacher. That is why he is helping Scott now.

In order to make Noel, not just a player, but also a coordinator, Scott had to port many years. But the result justifies the efforts, and now Noel is in the team.

The coach states that having a man like Noel on his team is a huge success. He now expects Thorpe to build an excellent defense for the Canadian football team. Now the Canadian football team can only hope for a happy future. At this moment the head coaches have enough time to review their defense and attack tactics and make them much better.

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