Essential Differences Between Canadian And American Football

Football continues to be one of the most popular kinds of sports worldwide. However, it might significantly differ in various countries. For example, Canadian and American football are absolutely not the same. In this post, you will be able to discover the most essential differences between CFL and NFL. Moreover, you will also get a chance to understand the rules and requirements of both alternatives better and choose the kind of sports that suits you most.

Before You Start Exploring The Differences

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American and Canadian Leagues: Exploring The Differences

Canadian and American football have much in common. However, they also have lots of differences you need to know.

Playing Field

Any professional player or dedicated fan should know the fact the most essential difference between these two brilliant leagues is the size of the field. A field for CFL is a bit bigger than for the NFL (the difference is only 5 yards). Although the difference in the size of the playing field might be looking miserable for fans and supporters, it is essential for professional football players.

Team Size

Another significant difference between CFL and NFL is the number of players on the field. Thus, CFL has 24 players, while only 22 players can stay on the field.

It is important to note that both leagues have 7 offensive players. However, for the defensive side, this number is different. American football requires having two safety positions, while Canadian football is supposed to have a safety and two halfbacks.

Time Rules

NFL allows each team to have a whopping number of three timeouts per half. However, the rules of CFL appear to be a bit more strict – the teams can get only timeouts in a single game.

The requirements related to time to start the game also vary. For example, in Canadian football, the players should start playing in 20 seconds after they hear the whistle. This time might vary for the American league depending on the division. Thus, college football allows starting the game in 40 seconds without obtaining any penalties.

Scoring Rules

The rules of scoring are among the most important things any player or fan should know perfectly. As for the points, the policies of the NFL and CFL have much in common. However, CFL has a single point, also called rouge, that is awarded in only two cases.

Football Seasons

CFL season starts in July and should be closed in November. Most games are usually held on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The Grey Cup is usually played on the last Sunday in November. As for American football, its season begins in September and is usually held until January. The game for the highest award, a Super Bowl is being played on the first Sunday of February.

Field Goal Post Location

According to the rules of American football, the field goal post is always located at the back of the end zone. To Canadian football requirements, the field goal posts are placed at the front of the end zone.

All in all, both leagues are amazing and spectacular. There are thousands of fans and admirers of both leagues. Some football enthusiasts are fond of watching the NFL, while others prefer to stick to CFL only. The choice depends only on individual preferences.

Feel free to choose your favorite league that suits your personal needs and goals, as well as enjoy watching or playing amazing and unforgettable games!

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