Evan Gill’s East West Bowl Experience

The East West Bowl brings elite Canadian football players together each year to show off their talents to scouts and fans alike. This year, the game takes place at TD Waterhouse Stadium in London Ontario. After a long tiring week of consistent practices, CFC got to sit down with defensive lineman, Evan Gill from University of Manitoba.

CFC: How has this week been for you so far?
Evan Gill: The week has been good, I have learned a lot from a lot of coaches. Gaining new perspectives and information that I haven’t had before is great.

CFC: How was the combine this week?
The combine went pretty well until the end. I had a hamstring injury but am still happy to be here taking part in the weekly events. It is a great experience and gives me a chance to prepare better for next year.

CFC: What are some of the lessons you have learned this week?
Different hand drills, having a high motor, playing with a higher intensity and a higher speed. It is a great way to prepare myself for the future.

CFC: How do you feel being compared to all of the other defensive lineman in CIS football? Motivated? Intimidated?
Not really intimidated, it’s really motivating looking at the guys from the past draft class. A lot of guys get CFL and NFL draft opportunities and I would love the same chance in the future.

CFC: What does the future hold for you?
This is going to be a big season and if everything works out the way it should, then I hope I’ll end up with similar opportunities.

CFC: Do you know any players from the other team?
RJ Cornish went to high school in Winnipeg so I know him.

CFC: How do you prepare yourself for a game?
I’m not big on superstitions. Show up, go through the motions, and make sure I’m warmed up then game time.

CFC: What made you chose football as a sport?
I have a big family background in football. It was never a matter of why I was going to play football, just when.

CFC: What do you enjoy most about the sport?
Tough question, game days. Game days are everything. When the adrenaline starts I love getting out in front of a big crowd. It’s always fun.

CFC: Any predictions for tomorrow?
It is going to be a really competitive game, coming down to the wire. Ultimately though, we are going to come out on top.

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