Everything to Know About Gridiron Football in Canada


There is a long history behind American football. Thus, in 1869, students at Rutgers and Princeton Universities combined rugby and soccer, thus, they came up with a game that was originally called the Boston Game. In 1874 already, the first match was held. At that time, there were no fixed rules; some of them were proposed by Harvard University students, who gave it the American football name. Since then, it has become widely popular throughout the country. The game first spread among the oldest eastern universities, such as Yale, Harvard, and Columbia, then gradually conquering the whole world, including Canada.

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Sport Geography

At first, the game was rooted only in the USA and Canada. Interestingly, in Ancient Rome, there was a game, rules of which have something in common with the sport we have today. Interestingly, the northern neighbor of the United States introduced its own peculiarities in this discipline. So Canadian and American football somehow differ. This does not prevent the players from both countries from meeting in mutual matches and finding a common language.

Over time, the game has expanded its geographical borders. The formation and development of gridiron football in Europe began in the 70s of the last century. The first national federations for this sport appeared precisely in this period. Germany is believed to be the successor to American football in Europe. For other nations, it took more than twenty years to break the resistance of Europe’s sports “organism” and “get infected” by gridiron football.

Thus, the sport was first accepted in 1972 in Italy. By 1976, amateur teams began to form throughout Europe. The first famous club was created on June 11, 1976, in Austria and was named First Austrian American Football Club (FAAFC). In 1977, the Frankfurt Lions team was created in Frankfurt. Later that same year, in his homeland, an Italian team from Verona played a match against the US Army team.

Nowadays, this game is the hottest new trend in Europe; more than 45 thousand sportsmen playing in more than 800 clubs. Currently, there are also regional associations, and the sport geography covers the USA, Canada, Latin America, 17 countries of Europe, Israel, Asia, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, NZ, etc.

The Trend of Gridiron Football

In many countries, special attention is paid to various sports: in Brazil, it is football, in Norway — biathlon, etc. But there is no such country to be compared with Canada and the US in the way they interest and attract an audience to the sport. In the second half of the XX century, the large audience became interested in American football. Today, approximately 100 million country residents are constantly up to date on the events of all league games. And the majority of the population is not indifferent to this sport. Every second American teenager dreams of becoming an NFL player.

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