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Could Fighting Irish standout be next Bison in?

Vancouver College Fighting Irish wide receiver Manvir Khun-Khun wants to make his mark on the gridiron.

Manvir Khun-Khun

Wide Receiver, Running Back, Special Teams (Kick Return)

6’1,165 lbs

Vancouver College Fighting Irish (High School: BCHSFA)
Westside Warriors (BCCFA)
Team British Columbia


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Manvir has played stints with the Westside Warriors, Vancouver College Fighting Irish of the British Columbia High School Football Association (BCHSFA), and Team British Columbia.

During his career, he has earned honours such as two time Warriors MVP  and two time Fighting Irish Best Back.  Moreover, Manvir took home Receiver MVP Award after participating in Eastern Washington University’s Camp.

Despite his prolific career, Manvir points to his years as a peewee punter as his most memorable time on the gridiron.

“I punted from our own one yard line, it was a good 20 yard punt,” Manvir says.  “I hustled my way down to make the tackle but someone already had, then the ball came loose so I picked it up for an 80 yard touchdown.”

“My first touchdown ever.”

As he moves forward to the next stage of his gridiron career, Manvir expects a great deal of himself.

“I will never be perfect, but I try to be the closest thing to it,” Manvir says. “Hard work and dedication is what I live by.”

For Manvir, perfection and hard work begins with training, and perfect training begins at home.

“Quantity and repetition of good habits and technique is what I try to perfect in practice and training,” Manvir says.  “The more I repeat a certain skill, the more natural it seems to come to me.”

“As a matter of fact, I always try to break down or make a nice cut as I turn corners in my house.”

Hard work and dedication are what guides Manvir’s life, but he also roots his life in faith and finds in God a partner and a challenger.

“He always seems to throw obstacles in front of me,” Manvir says. “Not only in football, but in life which may seem incredibly difficult to overcome, but I know the obstacles are only there to make me a stronger person.”

Manvir also finds inspiration in everyone who has put in time and effort to help him achieve what he has.

“Anyone who has ever coached me in anything, football, basketball, and soccer is my inspiration because I try to make them proud for all of the time and effort they put in for the community and the kids.”

While he is set to graduate this spring, Manvir has not yet committed to a school. However, he will be participating in the Manitoba Bisons spring camp – a team that has shown interest in him.

As he reaches the end of his high school career Manvir reflects on his gridiron journey.

“I always dreamt of playing high school football as a kid,” Manvir says. “Now, as a graduating senior from Vancouver College, I have fulfilled my dream to play high school football and even entered the school record books.”

“Now, I’m just waiting on an opportunity for me to be called upon to continue my journey of football.”

Not only is Manvir weighing his school options, but is looking to make a mark on history as well.

“I haven’t heard of a skill-positioned Sikh in the college level as of today,” Manvir says.  “I want to be the first skilled position Sikh in the college level and hopefully inspire other young Sikh athletes to put in the work and get results.”

Wherever he lands, Manvir knows he has learned a lot from the game.

“Football is a sport anyone can strive in as long as they do everything in their ability to improve each and everyday,” says Manvir.

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