For REC Gauthier, football connects him and his father

When Youri Gauthier was only nine years old, he was invited to join Les Archers D’Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, a moment in time that would change the course of his life forever.

“Since the first day I played football, it has always been a passion of mine,” Gauthier said. “It motivates me every day to make the right choices to make my dream of playing in the NFL come true.”

Gauthier is not the only member of his family that has fallen for the allure of the gridiron. It is also his father’s passion. Gauthier said that he was raised watching football. When he and his father went to an Archers’ practice, he joined as a player and his father as a coach.

“That’s how it all began,” Gauthier said. “My father is the most influential person for me. He inspires me because of his great values and because he tries to become a better man everyday.” He added that his father coached him for his first seven years of his eight-year career and that “he has taught me everything I know.”

That tutelage has translated to success on the field. In 2016, he was named rookie of the year with Les Grizzlis de Boucherville. He was also named as the best punter in the QMFL Division 1.

Although he displays a talent for kicking, Gauthier primarily suits up as a tight end and slot back. It’s a position he probably won’t give up anytime soon. “As a receiver, I really like the fact that I can carry the ball and score touchdowns,” he said. “Being one-on-one with a defensive back and going all out to catch the ball is the most exciting thing I do on the field.”

Courtesy of Youri Gauthier.

Standing at 6’4, 210, he cites his size and speed as his competitive edge. “I am too big for a defensive back to stop me from catching the ball and too fast for a linebacker to cover me,” he said.

With his sights set on the NFL, Gauthier is an avid consumer of the sport. He said he models his game after many professional players, such as Rob Gronkowski, a tight end for the New England Patriots. “He is a big and strong receiver who has the athleticism to make plays even as a wide out,” Gauthier said.

“I also look up to Jerry Rice (a former San Francisco 49er) because he had the mentality to work, not just to be a great receiver, but to be the greatest of all time,” he added.

Before committing to a university team, Gauthier will be attending the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal where he will suit up for Les Spartiates for the next three years. He attended the team’s combine where he said he proved he is both fast and athletic for his size. Afterwards, his goal is to play in the first division of the NCAA.

“For this upcoming season, I am really looking forward to helping my team in any way possible. Of course, I would love to have the ball and make plays, but just to be on the field would be nice,” Gauthier said.

While he believes he is ready to enter the RSEQ collégial division 1 and be competitive, he said he wants to work on his route running and blocking. He added that in this upcoming season, he will put more time on the field towards improving those aspects of his game.

Before taking the next steps in his career, Gauthier took the time to reflex on his past accomplishments. He said that playing in the 2017 Football Canada Cup was the most memorable football experience of his life. He added that, “Playing with Team Québec and winning the national championship for the third consecutive time was an incredible feeling that I will always remember.”

Youri Gauthier (#88)
Inside receiver
6’4, 210

Teams: Les Archers D’Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Les Grizzlis de Boucherville
Official visits: none
Unofficial visits: none
Considerations: open
Class: 2017 (high school)

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