Former Carabin Foucault, first Quebecer Super Bowl champion?

Montreal  -David Foucault made the jump to the NFL in 2014, the year when the Carabins won the Vanier Cup. so he did not even earned a ring even though he contributed to the rise of the team for four seasons. In fact, aside from the games, he never won anything. No championship as a team, or as individuals. His fate could change Sunday when he will be on the sidelines at the 50th Super Bowl with his team, the Carolina Panthers.

A win would not only be major for him but also for the Carabins and the entire province of Quebec because he could become the first player in history to win the most important game in professional football.

“David is a true ambassador for us, said Carabins Head Coach Danny Maciocia. “He is the first in history to reach the NFL and he is a young man who has not forgotten where he comes from.”

“He keeps in touch and come to see us when he gets the chance. It makes us proud. ”

The giant size six-foot eight inch, 320 pounder evolved with the Carabins from 2010 to 2013, while studying criminology. After Maciocia’s arrival in 2011, he agreed to move from defensive line to the offensive line, a decision that paid off.

With the rigorous Carabin workouts and meetings, Foucault took football more seriously and reaching the professional ranks became a tangible goal. After his college career, the Carabins coaching staff have helped him by to going to train in the United States and to stand out in order to evolve in the best football league in the world.

After being drafted in the first round of the Canadian Football League (CFL) draft by the Montreal Alouettes in 2014, he participated in Panthers rookie camp and rose through the ranks to earn a spot in of the team.

Foucault has come a long way since his debut at the age of 12. Among the teams he played for during his career include La Prairie Diablos, RSEQ Juvenile 1’s Jacques Rousseau Sphinx and CEGEP Division 1’s Edouard Montpetit Lynx. He is only the eighth player from Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) to be part of a Super Bowl finalist.

David Foucault NFL start 2014

A valued teammate

Just days away from kickoff, there is no doubt that Foucault’ s presence will change the alliances of the members of his former team on this game between the Panthers and the Denver Broncos.

“Although I am a big supporter longtime Broncos, it would make me happy to see David win,” confessed to Carabins Offensive Coordinator Marco Iadeluca. “This is a huge pride to be able to see one of our own. ”

Foucault’s cell rang several times since the Panthers won the NFC Championship .

“Several former teammates and coaches Carabins have sent me messages,” said Foucault in a telephone interview before leaving for California earlier this week. “This is exceptional.”

“We talked in the locker room, sometimes it can take 25 or even 30 years of work before you can participate in this game. ”

The Carabins remember a friendly player who often found a way to lighten the mood.

“David is a team guy who has always been sensitive to others’ needs,” says his former teammate on the offensive lineman Alexander Laganière.”His way of handling stress was making jokes, so he always had a joke, even on the field.

“But he had great potential and never left nothing to chance.”

“With David, we continue to hear about the Carabins last few weeks,” said Carabins quarterback Gabriel Cousineau, himself a big supporter of Peyton Manning.

“It made me laugh this week, saying that David was protecting me two years ago and now his job is to protect Cam Newton. There is a small difference.”

David Foucault

Celebrating his birthday on the sidelines

In his second season with the organization, David Foucault has been part of the practice squad since the start of the campaign. He was in uniform during a single game on October 4.

While he would contribute to the victory Sunday, he will appreciate every moment he lives with his teammates on the sidelines.

“This is one of the biggest leagues in the world,” he recalled. “Even if I do not play, I’m really happy to participate.”

By then, the player who will celebrate his 27th birthday on Super Bowl Sunday continues training and participates in various events leading up to the big game.

“It will be a big week,” he said. “The season is long and difficult.”

“The guys have really worked hard to have good preparation. I believe that what distinguishes us is unity. We know that the guy next to us is going to do his job. We do not play for ourselves. ”

Foucault has many relatives and friends make the trip to attend this Sunday’s game at the home of the San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara, California. There is no doubt that this game will mark an important stage in his career, but also the history of the Carabins.

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