Fired McMaster head coach, Greg Knox, breaks silence

Former McMaster head coach, Greg Knox, has finally broken his silence regarding his firing that occurred the week of October 22, 2018.

Knox was involved in an altercation on September 22, 2018 with the member of the sideline crew. He received a one game suspension following the incident.

According to the Hamilton Spectator, Greg Knox provided this statement;

“On September 22, 2018, while coaching the McMaster Marauders during a game against the Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks, I, as well as numerous coaches and players were run into well inside the bench area by a member of the stick crew carrying the sticks and chains that are usually carried. I saw this as a safety issue and as Head Coach I reacted by yelling at the officials. After being struck from behind, in the heat of the moment, I approached the sideline official in charge of the stick crew and yelled at him to address this behaviour. Although I was given a warning, I proceeded to yell at the stick crew member in question and was subsequently given a 10 yard penalty for objectionable conduct. While I believe my communication with the officials was within the customary decorum of what happens on a football sideline β€” it does not make it right and I was penalized accordingly by the OUA who determined it to qualify as a minor violation of the OUA Coaches Code of Conduct.

I am not trying to justify my actions. I acknowledge I should have handled the situation better. I apologize to those negatively impacted by my words and to the McMaster University community at large. I have now put this matter behind me and look forward to moving forward and being involved in the sport of football. I would like to thank McMaster University, the Marauder players, parents and coaches, and the administration for the opportunity to contribute to football at McMaster University.”

Knox will not be making any other comment past this one according to his lawyer.

The University is in the process of hiring a new head coach. In the meantime,Β Tom Flaxman and Scott Brady will continue as interim head coaches.

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