Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (Central): Longhorn hopes his love of hitting can land him in the NCAA

Josh Masnaghi started his football career three years ago, and his experience has been nothing but great.

“At the start it was slow getting to know the game, but now I finally understand it and [am] loving playing it,” said Josh.

He got his start with the Burlington Stampeders before joining the Corpus Christi Longhorns in the Halton Secondary School Athletic Association (HSSAA).

This past season with the Longhorns, Josh accumulated 74 tackles and five sacks, as well as an interception, seven forced fumbles, two blocked field goals and two touchdowns.

The Longhorn will also be participating in this year’s Fox 40 Prospect Challenge, where his goals are to make the CFC100 top prospects list by the time he graduates and to get noticed by U Sports and NCAA schools.

During the offseason, Josh works out at Sports Specific Training to get faster and stronger.

Moreover, on the field, his role model is his older brother, Cole Masnaghi.

“When my brother played he was a dominate player and I loved watching him enjoy it,” explained Josh, “but after he tore his ACL and stopped playing it sparked in me to keep the legacy going.”

“I am reminded every day who my brother is by my coaches and it drives me to get better to finally have them say, ‘wow your brother couldn’t do that,’” added the Longhorn.

Josh loves to play football because of the hitting.

“People ask me a lot why I love playing it and it is that I love to hit people,” explained Josh, “it takes stress away from me and makes me feel good, especially when I get the chance to run the ball.”

Josh Masnaghi
Positions: Outside/inside linebacker, defensive end, full back
Height/Weight: 5’9”, 210lbs
Team: Corpus Christi Longhorns (HSSAA)
Class: 2020

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