Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (Central): MLB Savage working hard to show universities there is talent up north

Gabriel (Gab) Savage has been playing football since he was in Grade 8 when he got his start with the North Bay Jr. Bulldogs. Since then he has been playing with the Franco-Cité Patriotes in Nipissing District Athletics (NDA).

This year he received his greatest accomplishment, the title of Linebacker of the Year for the entire NDA. “My football experience to date has been absolutely amazing,” said Gab, “I have a great love and passion for the great sport of football.”

“I work very hard to improve my skills and abilities on the field,” continued the linebacker.

This summer, the linebacker will be playing in the Ontario Football Conference (OFC) with either the Sudbury Gladiators or the Nipissing Wild.

The Patriote is competing in this year’s Fox 40 Prospect Challenge, and his goals are to give it his absolute best and to perform extremely well in hopes of making the team. He would also love to get noticed by a few universities, as it is very hard to get noticed up north.

During the off-season, Gab hits the gym almost every day to help him excel in football. He is constantly getting stronger and stronger every day because he is always training, learning new skills and practicing his abilities.

“I am extremely passionate about fitness and weightlifting,” commented the Patriote. “I have the strongest lifts in my entire school and I intend on becoming the absolute best and strongest version of myself in the near future.”

On the field, Gab’s idol is retired NFL linebacker Ray Lewis because of the way Lewis dominated over the other players on the field.

“He is extremely hard working, he never gives up and always has a positive attitude towards winning,” said the Patriote. “For this purpose, I honour him by wearing his jersey number (#52).”

Gab loves football because he thinks it is a sport that takes dedication, hard work and quite a bit of heart, as well as a game where the players have to be smart about every decision out on the field.

“I’ve always thought a football team was a lot like a family, everyone has each other’s back and never gives up,” explained the linebacker.

He also loves football because it is a sport where he gets to excel and show of his mental and physical abilities by tackling and hitting the ball carrier as hard as he can.

“… I have to say that there is no felling like getting a massive hit on someone and hearing everyone cheer you on afterwards,” said Gab. “It truly is an amazing experience like no other.”

Gabriel Savage
Position: Middle linebacker
Height/Weight: 5’11”, 200lbs
Team: Franco-Cite Patriotes (NDA)
Unofficial Visits: Western
Considerations: Open
Class: 2017

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