Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (Central): Warrior Cowx fighting to play university ball

Jake Cowx started playing football five years ago with the Mississauga Panthers in the Mississauga Football League (MFL), where he played for two years.

“At that time, I was not sure what to expect and was really nervous, especially since the other players had been playing for a number of years,” said Jake.

During his very first play, in his first game, he intercepted a pass on their two-yard line and ran it back 108 yards for a touchdown.

“I loved the game and spent that whole year learning how to be better,” explained Jake. “I was hooked.”

In his second year, he has a lot more confidence and it was a completely different experience. He was making more impactful plays offensively and defensively, and was all over the field. Moreover, he was captain of the team and received MVP that season.

Jake then moved on to his high school team, the Loyola Warriors in the Halton Secondary School Athletic Association (HSSAA), in Grade 10. Since the Warriors only have a varsity team, he has been a starter on offence, defence and special teams all three years. This year past year, Jake was nominated as team captain.

“This season, I tried to lead by example and took the role of captain seriously,” commented Jake. “I took it upon myself to help our LB’s and DB’s and run drills since we only had two coaches available most days during the week for practice.”

Additionally, he has also spent one year in the Ontario Football League (OFL) with the Mississauga Warriors and he is participating in this year’s Fox 40 Prospect Challenge.

At the FPC, his goals are to use this experience to showcase his skills and compare himself to other prospects, while at the same time learning from the coaches and continuing to get better in order to achieve his overall goal of going to a Canadian or American university to get an education as he plays football.

During the offseason, Jake does weight lifting and speed work in order to improve skills and prepare for the upcoming season. He has also participated in a number of football camps during his off seasons, such as Super Elite’s 10 Week Winter Camp, Ontario Provincial Camp with Super Elite and McMaster University’s summer football camp. This year, the Warrior is sourcing some additional skills developmental camps and training.

On the field, his role model is 49ers safety, Eric Berry because he developed Hodgkin’s disease and missed the entire 2014 season, but fought through it to overcome this significant obstacle in his life and came back to the NFL in 2015.

“He is living proof that no matter what challenges are put in your way, regardless of the obstacles life throws at you, if you really want to reach your goal, if you work hard and never give up, anything is possible,” said Jake.

The Warrior loves the physical and mental aspect of the game. He has to be strong, quick, fast and agile both mentally and physically because this sport challenges him to use all of his strength in his body to make every play.

“I love how we have to work together as a unified team and be better at that than our opponents in order to have success,” added Jake.

Jake Cowx
Positions: Linebacker, tight end and special teams
Height/Weight: 6’3”, 185lbs
Team: Loyola Warriors (HSSAA)
Class: 2017

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