Golden Bears “have a strong desire to achieve something great”

Alberta adds a top-ranked commit to their 2018 class.

Like many student-athletes, CFC100 Ejuwa Oyama, a defensive back from Salisbury High School, took the time to sit down and really think about why he should join the University of Alberta Golden Bears. In the end, there were too many positives to overlook.

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The commitment of the Golden Bears’ coaching staff was at the top of his list. “I know the coaches are looking to win and it is highly evident through the amount of work they put in themselves as well as demand from their players,” he said.

“However, with this being true, Head Coach Morris made it clear to me that he is just as focused on making me into a better man as he is at developing me as a football player. This genuinely stood out to me because such sincerity is rare to come across,” he added. “I’m looking forward to improving greatly as a football player and young adult under the coaches’ administration.”

In addition to a coaching staff he called extremely dedicated, Oyama noted that the Golden Bears’ players also “have a strong desire to achieve something great.”

Already looking well into the future, Oyama’s second list item was the development program the Bears have. “It is great to say the least,” he said. “Coach Smith, the strength and conditioning coordinator, is present year-round and is focused on helping athletes improve in the gym so that they can preform optimally when it comes time to hit the field.”

Oyama, who is 5’10, 175lbs, added that he has certain goals for himself. He would like to become faster and he said that under Coach Smith’s supervision, he is certain he will be able to reach his goal. He will also have access to such technological innovations as “the Dome,” which covers the field during the winter.

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“The Dome allows for athletes to train and improve in all seasons and eliminates any possibility of progress being held up during the cold, winter period. Imitating a year-round, ideal football environment that is typically (and) exclusively found in the States and a few provinces that also have access to this technology, I’m excited to have such an advantage at my disposal,” he said.

On the academic front, Oyama is interested in taking biology. “Solely from an education standpoint, the University of Alberta can be called elite,” he said. “According to Times’ Higher Education, the University of Alberta is ranked 6th in Canada. Such praise proves that with my signing, I’ll be receiving both a quality football and educational experience.”

Born in Oshikuku, Namibia, Oyama’s family soon made their way to Canada where they settled down in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. It was here that he played with the Salisbury Sabres (Metro Edmonton High School League). In his six-year career, he was a Tier 1 Carr Conference all-star, the Sabres’ most valuable defensive back and a CFC50 Alberta high school all-star. He was also named to the CFC50 1st Team All-Canadian in 2017.

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