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Hamilton brings a heart of gold to the Lady Gladiators

Having joined the Maritime Women’s Football League as a teenager, Hannah Hamilton has emerged as a key figure in Atlantic women’s football. Articulate and well-spoken, she has made contributions both on and off the field for the budding league. From her earliest roots competing in rugby, she would join the Capital Area Lady Gladiators, helping to anchor the offensive line.

“I played rugby in grade ten for my high school. A family friend wanted to join the women’s football team (her son played boy’s football) and she asked me to join with her. Hesitantly, we joined. I was only 15 at the time; the youngest on the team.”

Despite joining one of the MWFL’s signature franchises at such a tender age, Hamilton would be one of several teenage phenoms to suit up for them. Teammates such as quarterback Alex Black and fellow offensive lineman Robyn Neill would also join the Lady Glads as teenagers. Of note, all three would grow into prominent roles with the team.

A key aspect in Hamilton’s growth in the game would involve taking on roles outside of competition. Including administrative responsibilities, she would follow in the footsteps of many other prominent players in the MWFL and tackle a coaching role. From experiencing the rare jubilation of a championship in the capacity of both player and coach, it provides Hamilton with a unique perspective on the game.

“I have been involved with the Lady Gladiators since 2007 when I won my first championship as a rookie Offensive Lineman. It was great to see it come full circle (this year) and have my first year as a coach with the Lady Glads be my first championship (as a Linebacker Coach under Shaun O’Leary’s defense).”

In addition to football, Hamilton is also contributing to the community by trying to improve the quality of life for many younger people. Employing the strong leadership skills that make her such a valued member of the MWFL, she brings patience, compassion and maturity to a position that provides her with personal satisfaction.

“I work with teens and young adults with physical and intellectual disabilities (primarily Autism with a physical disability). I love seeing improvements in my clients. It can be a difficult job, but I love the rewards that come with it.”

As some individuals/groups that work with disabled children use fitness treatments such as physical exercise, yoga and/or diet, Hamilton seeks to inspire her clients with the benefit of activity. Various methods are discussed in helping to provide confidence while incorporating fun,

“I encourage physical activity in all my clients. It can be difficult for them to be active because of their physical limitations. Swimming at our local YMCA Therapy Pool has been great for my clients. Some also enjoy playing ball, working on athletic equipment, and using stationary bikes. Fredericton is also host to two great walking tracks that we use frequently.

All of my clients have dietary requirements or restrictions. As I do not have any specialized education in nutrition, I cannot provide nutrition plans to my clients. However, I frequently suggest small changes to eating habits. As we know, small changes can lead to big improvements over time.”

Hamilton’s career is a remarkable and empowering example of how young women can shine when given an opportunity. As women’s football provides a culture of self-esteem and positive influences, women such as Hamilton prove that the future of the game is in very good hands.

During the landmark tenth anniversary MWFL season in 2013, Hamilton had the opportunity to serve as league President. To be entrusted with such a prestigious role is testament to her maturity and strong leadership skills. In reflecting on a memorable time, she is also quick to acknowledge that the success of the league during this important season was truly a group effort.

“We have a great team of leaders at the MWFL. The Saint John Storm put in a lot of work to make our 10th SupHer Bowl a great success. I was honoured to be part of the MWFL as we celebrated ten years in women’s football.”

All quotes obtained first hand unless otherwise indicated
Photo courtesy of Mountain Stream Photography / Danyel Diamond

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