GOTW NS: Championship rematch between CFC50 No. 32 Citadel and C.P Allen

We arrive in Nova Scotia for our game of the week that pits the CFC50 32 No. Citadel Phoenix against the unranked Charles P. Allen Cheetahs.


The province is going through a transition period after attempting a new format for the 2019 season, but the goal remains the same for every program. Citadel are the undisputed team to beat winning 10 out of the last 11 provincial finals, and are currently on the hunt for their sixth straight, which would break their previous record on the front end of the dynasty. C.P. Allen have had three chances to claim their first title against the Phoenix during their run, including a heartbreaker two years ago when they fell 15-9. Last year’s rematch was never in doubt, but it’s a brand new season and the Cheetahs will be looking to turn the tables if they get another crack in November.

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Before we can get there, Citadel running back Ben Saunders says they’re ready to throw a little doubt into the mind’s of their opponents,

“Our team is mainly emphasizing on our pass protection through our opponents many different fronts, we introduced a couple of unstoppable plays to beat this. We need to be more consistent on our return teams to better set up our offensive field position. We always do this, but we want to have a comfortable enough lead to allow our grade 10’s to get some experience playing tough teams.”


The Phoenix have been flawless in their first four games, including a dominant performance against Dartmouth last week. Saunders is their bell-cow in the backfield that’s aiming for 10 rushing touchdowns and 500 yards in the playoffs, while CFC100 quarterback Allan Young is a name scout’s from across Canada will want to jot down for future reference. He’s been working with Class of 2021 receivers Cherokee Robinson and Lauchlan McDonough this season, while upfront they’ve relied on the leadership of offensive lineman CFC150 Cornell Reddick and Simon Dunham-Carter. Another prospect to keep tabs on will be Likambo Ramba working in tandem with Saunders, who can do a little bit of everything from blocking to receiving passes out of the backfield.

After such a long run of dominance, there’s a lot of pressure surrounding the program to keep the dynasty alive, but Saunders enjoys the daily challenges of playing for a championship program,

“Scouts should expect nothing less than perfection. Our coach’s game plan is top notch heading into games each week. Scouts should also expect us to hold back a little once we get a big lead because at Citadel, we show poise and class we never want to embarrass our opponent.”

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If C.P. Allen have their say, they won’t be seeing any grade ten’s on Friday night, and Citadel’s gameplan will be unstoppable like the Titanic. It’s a lot easier said than done, but there’s a reason the Cheetahs have been to the finals two years straight, and they should be feeling confident after getting back in the win column against Halifax West last week. Citadel will need to corral the speedy James Dowell in the backfield, while Thomas Kleinknecht and Ryan Brockway will be looking to inflict damage through the air. Isaiah Ward will be the man to watch on defence flying around at linebacker, and Issac Webb will be hard to miss in the defensive backfield standing at 6’2″, 185lbs. This group of Cheetahs have had a long time to prepare for another round with Citadel, and if they jump out in front early at home, they’ll be the one’s throwing a little doubt into the mind’s of their opponents as we race towards the playoffs.

Kickoff is set for 6pm on Friday night at C.P. Allen.

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