Grey Cup 2021 Showcases New Era Of Canadian Football

The 108th in the row Grey Cup took place on December 12, 2021, and decided on the outcome of this year’s CFL (Canadian Football League). The game showed a tight battle between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Hamilton Tiger-Cats at the Tim Hortons Field, Hamilton, Ontario. 

The outcome of the game went in favor of the Bombers who defeated the Hamilton Tiger-Cats by 33:25 which made them reach the top of the CFL list as the first team in the last eleven years (more or less). The defeat happened in overtime, which makes this Grey Cup the fourth Cup with overtime (the other three took place in 1961, in 2005, and in 2016).

In the remainder of the text, we’ll go over the summary of the game to explain further why this year’s Grey Cup may as well be an indicator that the New Era of Canadian football is about to take place. With the ever-growing popularity of the Canadian Football League, and more and more Canadian residents getting involved in CFL betting, it’s only natural to expect the betting and gambling industry of Canada to grow accordingly. 

As reported by CasinoFinder Canadians enjoy their fair share of gambling, as well as betting, which we may as well expect to grow in volumes until the next Grey Cup takes place. Now, let’s see what the future looks like for Canadian Football. 

The 2021 Grey Cup signals a new era for Canadian football 

The Grey Cup 2021 final game took place in windy conditions. The gusts even went nearly 50km/h. Winnipeg played with the wind against their backs and took advantage of it in the first quarter. The Cats replied with the same effort in the second quarter and took the lead by 10:7.

Hamilton continued to boost their score, making it an even 22:10 in the third quarter, despite the drawbacks caused by severe wind gulfs. Winnipeg made a turnover as the game progressed evening up to 22:21. With just over one and a half minutes left until the end, Winnipeg took the lead by 25:22. In overtime Winnipeg led by 33:25 ending the game and becoming the first team to win a back-to-back Grey Cup since Montreal Alouettes.

With such an intense game, with unexpected turnovers, Canada had a chance to see great excellence coming from players who managed to play a perfect game despite the weather conditions. With this overview of the game, you can conclude yourself – the 2021 Grey Cup signals a new beginning – a New Era of Canadian football never before seen.

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