Guelph, McMaster, Mount Allison and Windsor top choices for Furlan (VIDEO)

Today, CFC features Class 2014 star offensive linemen from the Nelson Lords, Alex Furlan.  Alex began his football career when he was 11 years of age.

Alex Furlan

Offensive Line (Guard, Center), Defensive End

Height/ Weight:
5’10” and 256 pounds lbs

Nelson Lords (high school: HSSAA)

Burlington Stampeders (peewee/bantam/varsity: BMFA)


Official Visits:

Guelph, McMaster, Mount Allison and Windsor,Open


Alex Furran (4)


Alex Furran has played with a few teams including the Burlington Stampeders of the Burlington Minor Football Association (BFMA) and his high school team the Nelson Lords of the Halton Secondary School Athletic Association (HSSAA).

Beginning his career with the Burlington when he was 11 years old, he won championships with the team in 2007, 2008 and 2010, 2011. Also in 2010, with the junior Lords, Alex won a district championship and continued on to win the Metro Bowl. In the following year, Alex won another HSSAA championship and helped the team to a win in the Golden Horseshoe Bowl. He was awarded the MVP in the Metro Bowl quarterfinal game, as well as the team award for ‘toughness’ throughout his career.

Alex Furran (2)

The moment that Alex will always remember is winning the Golden Horseshoe final.

Its the fact I contributed to this winning team that made it feel so amazing, playing in the Rogers Center was a surreal feeling,” said Alex.  “It felt amazing to be part of a team that beat out schools from all around and be crowned one of the best schools in the Province.”

Luckily for Alex, he has surrounded himself with many motivational and inspirational people that keep him focused and help him become successful.

In my life I would have to say my family,” said Alex.  “They helped made me, me and they can help me when I need it.”

“In football, it would have to be my o-line coaches. I have been blessed with great coaches my whole football life and they really made me the play I am today.”

Alex Furran (3)


In addition to being a avid football player, Alex has been playing rugby since he started high school. In the future, Alex will be returning for another semester next year, and plans to go to university in the fall of 2014.

Alex Furran (6)


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