Hard-nosed linebacker, Davis, looking to take his game to the next level

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Football is always on the mind of 6’0, 213lbs linebacker, Dawson Davis.

Playing for seven years now, Davis played for the Robert Bateman Timberwolves who went 4-1 in the regular season in the AA Eastern Division in the British Columbia High School Football Association.

Recording 74 tackles for the 2016 season, Davis loves playing at the linebacker position. “Being a linebacker gives you so much freedom to fly around and make plays.” he says.

While Dawson doesn’t model his play after any players, per say, he mentions that he just goes out on the field and plays. He likes the feeling of “flying around the field” and hopes to use football to go further and also get a post-secondary degree/education.

Davis states he isn’t being highly recruited, with only a few schools looking at him, however, this tough, hard-nosed linebacker has a nose for the ball and once he arrives at the ball carrier, has a unique habit of forcing fumbles, constantly swiping and stripping at the ball. It’s a mystery why this young athlete isn’t getting more attention in recruiting.

Having gone on only one official visit to York University (U Sports), Davis feels that if he were offered an opportunity to play at this next level, it would only take him a couple of weeks to adjust. “I think it will take me a couple weeks to adjust to the next level, but I will work hard to make sure I can transition.” he says. 

While he hasn’t made a commitment to any school just yet, he will have the off-season to work on his strength and conditioning. He says that he will be working specifically on his “straight line speed and my strength” in order to prepare for the upcoming transition.

This transition is not easy if you don’t have anyone supporting you throughout to get you to this point. Dawson says that he has a few people in his life that have helped him accomplish what he has to date.

“My Head coach for highschool, because he has taught me alot about the game, and my mom because she has worked just as hard to help me get to where I am today.”

Davis will get an opportunity to go far with this mindset and finishes off by saying, “Football is almost always on my mind, and motivates me to do to things that I wouldn’t find the motivation to do if I didn’t have football.”


Dawson Davis
6’0, 213lbs

Teams: Abbotsford Falcons, Robert Bateman Timberwolves, ABC Borderbowl Future Stars
Official Visits: York University (U Sports)
Considerations: York University, open
Commitment: none
Class: 2017



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