Hassan’s lofty gridiron goals (VIDEO)

Multiple schools reach out to Centaurs standout early in process

Centennial Centaurs running back Moe Hassan has experienced an intense offseason.

Moe Hassan

Running Back, Linebacker, Defensive End, Defensive Back (Safety)

6’3, 184 lbs

Centennial Centaurs (high school: BCHSFA)


Official Visits:
Simon Fraser (NCAA Division 2)

Manitoba, Simon Fraser University (NCAA Division 2), Western, Waterloo, Guelph, Open


Moe has been playing since the age of seven. With nine years of experience, Moe has developed his strongest football assets, a great knowledge of the game along with speed and strength.

Currently, the standout is suiting up for Centennial Centaurs of the British Columbia High School Football Association (BCHSFA).

During his career, he has racked up many awards including Centaurs’ Offensive Player of the Year (2013 and 2012), Provincial MVP (2012), and Provincial Defensive Player of the Year (2011)

Moe is an individual that looks back at the entire process when gauging his development as a player. Instead of thinking back to one particular moment during the season to be his highlight of the year, Moe reflects on the time he spent training.

“My highlight from last season didn’t come from the games I played, my highlight is when I remembered all the hard work I put in during the off-season and seeing how much it showed during the season,” says Moe.

In Moe’s life, his grandfather is his biggest influence and Moe is very grateful for his presence. The star running back realizes his grandfather cares for Moe, so he strives for the best academically and athletically.

“With me not being able to see my dad, my grandfather has stepped up in his place,” adds the Centaurs standout.  “He takes me to all my football games and always pushes me to be great and he’s the one I do all this for.”

“My family isn’t well off financially and he wants me to go to college, this is my way of achieving that.”

As a running back, Moe relishes the opportunity to make contact with his opponents. A more physical back, Hassan describes his state of mind when he approaches defenders.

“There is nothing more satisfying then embracing your will onto a player,” adds Moe.  “I don’t shy away from contact as I always try to run between the tackles.”

“When I get outside, that’s when I use my speed.”

Aside from using his strength to overpower defenders, Moe also utilizes the dead leg juke and stiff-arm to keep opponents off him.

For Moe, the running back position is something that requires more than possessing the ability to be effective when rushing the football.

“I know with my abilities and opportunities I can take over a game,” adds Moe.  “Also, good backs need to be good at everything from blocking, catching and route running.”

“This is what helps you become a three-down back.”

Not only does he play offense, Moe regularly plays the linebacker position.

“I like that you get to punish other players and set the tone of the game with your physicality,” adds the Centaurs standout.  “I also like playing linebacker because I enjoy doing all the calls,”

“I’m a very vocal player.”

The two-way player realizes that staying in optimal shape is the key to making an imprint on both sides of the ball.

“During the off-season, I work out and condition my body enough that I can play both ways and stay in the game while others ask for breaks because its what you do with your reps that matters,” says Moe.

Although Moe excels athletically, school is also very important to him. The importance of education is something his grandfather tries to drive into his grandson.

When Moe attends university, he wants to pursue a degree in computer engineering. Hassan does have aspirations of playing professional one day. However, at this moment, Moe’s main focus is finishing high school, and then completing university. When school is completed, that is when he will observe his future career prospects.

So far, Moe has been in talks with several universities in Canada and the U.S. regarding football and education. Schools like the University of Manitoba, Waterloo, Mississippi and Princeton have all reached out to Hassan and are now on the running backs’ radar.

Moe already has plans to visit and talk with more CIS and NCAA Division 1 schools in the coming weeks. With another two full seasons left at the high school level, Moe figures have plenty more suitors display their interest in the running back.

Heading into next season, Moe has set himself some ambitious goals. Hassan plans on rushing for 1500 yards with 11 touchdowns. While on defense, Moe wants to achieve 100 plus tackles with 40 solo tackles.

In order to reach these goals, Moe realizes his training during the off-season will play an important factor in his improvement. Hassan currently works out six days a week, exercising his legs, arms, and core. With this training regimen, it will serve to improve Moe’s explosiveness, footwork, and speed.

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