Here Is What Makes Canada Football So Special

Football is definitely the most popular sport worldwide, but Canadians have made it even more special. Both American and Canadian game types originally descended from rugby and have lots in common. However, there are some exciting differences you might have missed. Many say that these special features make football in Canada more similar to college sports rather than the professional NFL.


The Most Significant Differences in Rules

Canadian sport is true to the old traditions, retaining the classic rugby field. It is 10 yards longer and 12 yards wider than American football. It is believed that in the case of the NFL, the area was reduced due to the fact that there was not enough space in Harvard. Other factors that make the sport unique include:


  • more players on the field (12 instead of 11)
  • the goal is set on the goal line 
  • more distance between the sidelines
  • athletes are allowed to move behind the line during snap
  • the game continues with an attack from 35 yards after the field goal
  • the attack in Canadian football implies 3 downs, while the American version has 4


The scoring system also differs. Canadian players can get one extra point for stopping an opposing player in possession of the ball before he reaches his own end zone. Another way to get the point is when a ball goes into touch or beyond the sidelines. The defending team can receive two extra scores for safety in case athletes can stop the opponent in its end zone.


Another exciting issue that might be surprising for the fans of classic football is the overtime process. At the same time, the American version has the “golden rule,”, while Canadian teams perform an attack from 35 yards in turn. The winner is the one who earns more points. Consider these factors when watching a match in the Canadian league! This can also be helpful for ones who like placing juicy bets: for having fun in bet casino, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the game rules. That might be unusual, but definitely exciting!


Development of the Canadian Football League

Since football is a separate culture for Canadians, the country has always tried to popularize this sport and put it to a completely new level. Therefore, The Premier League was created with the support of FIFA in 2017. Organizing competitions was a challenging task due to the huge state area and the population’s dispersion. It was rather difficult to gather athletes and numerous fans in one place, but the Canadians succeeded.


Nowadays, the CFL is the second most popular sport in the country since NHL is traditionally at the top. The league greatly emphasizes its athletes’ skills, recruiting only Canadian residents into the teams. There are quite strict requirements for players: for example, everyone must play at least 1000 minutes per season. On the one hand, this does not allow the athlete to leave the team and look for more promising options in other leagues. On the other hand, this contributes to the development of professional sports within the country, which Canadians are so actively striving for.

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