2018 High school PLAYOFFS (QC): Playoffs are set for juvenile Div1/1b

The Playoffs are set.

Division 1

Saint-Jean-Eudes Condors sit in the bye week for the first round , Earning a regular season championship with an 8-0 record. The divisions top offence and defence get to rest up and head into the second round week two. Saint Jean Eudes ready’s themselves with a balance of run and gun offence and the tight stingy defence that gave up only and average 5.13 points per game.

Division 1 ROUND 1

É. sec. Roger-Comtois VS Séminaire Saint-François

Roger Comtois hits the road and prepares for a Blizzard. R-C ‘s Truong-Quôc-Khang Ngô 66 solo tackles on the season with 32 assists and Jakob Vallerand needs to lead their defence to do find that spark and hold the high-power offence of the Blizzard down. Their offence lead by QB Olivier Gendreau, RB Charles Etienne and rec Olivier Bouchard will have to be patient take what they can and find the end zone.

However, don’t expect this storm to let up. Qb Thomas Girard knows how to spread the ball around in the air. Having six receivers in the double digits for receptions and seven with triple digit yards. But the sharing doesn’t stop there. When you think you figured out the pass game look out for the run. The Back field lead by Iraghi Muganda leads the team with carriers, while Noah Terrell Larochelle and Thomas Desrosiers all combine for 1076 yards and 8tds on the season. The Blizzard Defence will do what they do pressuring Quarterbacks this season to a total 28 sacks and 52 tackles for a loss , we fully expect the Blizzard to move forward in the playoffs.

Collège Notre-Dame VS É. sec. Curé-Antoine-Labelle

Notre Dame lucked out having a bye week heading into the playoffs giving the team a week to rest up and focus on who they would face come round 1. QB Tristan Aboud will seek out his favourite target Fabrice Dufresne. Rb’s Merton Theagene and Jaylan Henry will carry the load on the ground as they have all season with combined carriers of 192 carriers. Charles Malo Melancon looks to lead his rested defence in to Laval and repeat their regular season win.

The Wolf Pack of Cure Antoine Labelle had a rough go in the last game of the season dealing with the weather conditions, as did a few teams. Having only 4 completed passes on 11 attempts against SSF last week the Wolf Pack needs to rally behind their defensive core lead by Christopher Taylor and Eleftherios Spiratos.

This game is evenly matched up. Its anyone’s game and definitely one to watch

Collège Jean-Eudes VS Collège Charles-Lemoyne

Both sitting with even records in the standing CCL edged out Jean Eudes for hosting the playoff game.

This is a rematch of last weeks game which was a shoot out and Jean Eudes coming out on top 63-56.

Look for a repeat this week. Jean Eudes QB Theo Leblanc 1434 passing yards on the season and CCL QB Vincent Laplante 1453 yards on the season are two equally talented and equally match Quarterbacks. Both receiving cores and the running games are just as even. The edge goes to CCL with Couleymane Camara and his 936 yards on the season. But as mentioned Jean Eudes edged out CCL last week. But that was in front of a home crowd. Expect CCL to want redemption. If we have learned anything, its anyone’s game when two teams are a mirror image of one another. This is definitely the GAME OF THE WEEK to watch in RSEQ Division 1 Football

Division 1B

Ecole Secondaire Saint Stanislas Patriotes Repeating as regular season champions. The Patriotes ran through a door left open by Saint Joseph and locked in the first round bye week with another shut out victory 29-0 over College de Levis. Marking 5 defensive shuts in a row, and an offence that will chip away and then unload the Patriotes have the only bye available in Division 1B this year. Its definitely much needed rest any of the top teams would like to have earned.

É. sec. Pointe-Lévy VS É. sec. Armand-Corbeil

The tandem of QB/RB Dylan Djete and RB Mikael Aubin look to lead the Corsaires with speed and agility. These two have combined for 1410 yards on the ground. On the defensive side of the ball they are lead by Samuel Miller Fiset and division sack leader Zaac Leclerc.

On a cold windy Friday night Armand Corbeil Scorpions stung the Vert et Or last week 36-7 to seal second place in the standing. The Scorpions sprint into the playoffs lead by QB Mathew Landry and his 1424 yards on the season. Mathew will look to his favourite target Olivier Cool who lives up to his name, racking up 34 catches for just under 500 yards. Scorpions Defense lead by Keyshawn Constantin pulling in 6 interceptions and 4 knock down passes on the season.

Don’t let the stats fool you, this game can be a lot closer than it looks on paper. Both teams faced each other in week 1 but it wasn’t until week 2 when the Corsaires found the key to unlock Dylan Djete.

Collège Laval VS Séminaire Saint-Joseph

Ending the season with a disappointing loss against Academy Estacades, College Laval has a lot of work ahead of them going against the Vert et Or (Green and Gold) of Saint Joseph. QB Samuel Poulin and defensive stand out Nicolas Roy will need to elevate their game along with their team mates.

The Green and Gold had the divisions first place in their hands and let it slip away with a 36-7 loss against Armand Corbeil. Don’t expect them to let this game slip away. QB Christophe Louis Lemay Rb William Abram and DB Phillippe Trudel look to lead the Green and Gold through the first round on what they want to be a repeat visit to the finals. Green and Gold look to exact payback for losing their top spot. Its unfortunate the Marauders are the focal point.

Collège de Lévis VS Académie les Estacades

Académie Estacades locked down home field advantage for round 1 with a 37-6 victory over College Laval last week Running backs Olivier Audet , Anthony Mongrain and Alexandre Bastien look run free and rack up the yards.

Coming off a 29-0 loss in the last week of the season, falling another victim to the Patriotes defence. College de Levis looks to build momentum as they prepare to face the Estacades. They will need their defensive standouts Thomas Lepage and Marc-Antoine Lacroix to match the speed of the Estacades if they want to find themselves in round 2. If the Commandeurs can’t find the endzone more than their average 14 points per game they will have to take any points available and rely on the foot of DL/Kicker Alexandro L.Castellon.

We will see how the Commandeurs bounce back but the Estacades are riding the wave from last weeks win and home field advantage which may just give them the edge they need.



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