How to Take Your Love for Sports Further

Are you a big sports fan? Getting involved in the game can mean more than just playing the sport yourself, buying merchandise, watching whenever your favourite team is on, and attending games in person. Those ways of involvement might not be enough for you, but thankfully, there are other ways you can express your love for sports, get more involved, and share your opinions and ideas.

Follow stats

There is a myriad of sports websites that offer insights on statistics on the game and players. Understanding sports statistics can help increase your love for the sport, as you’ll be able to figure out exactly how a match went the way it did, why which players are more effective, and how a team can build itself up to be better. Taking it even further, sports analytics are advanced statistics focuses on the science behind the sport (if you’ve seen the movie Moneyball you might have a good idea of what this actually entails). If you’re really keen, you could even launch a career in sports analytics.

Social media is also changing the way people share and consume sports statistics. More than half of sports fans take to social media during or after games or matches to talk about and share their insights or feelings on the outcome or about specific players. Facebook has even gone as far as launching a feature dedicated to pulling in live sports stats, information about the game, scores, and play-by-play updates, plus comments from experts, analysts, and your friends. If you’re watching the game, this platform – called Sports Stadium – could act as a second screen experience, but if you aren’t watching the game, it could be your way of staying connected and in the know.

Bet on games

If you truly understand the sport and the players, another way to get more involved is to bet on sports. To the average person, it may seem like luck, but if you’ve got the knowledge and the know-how, it’s all based on skill and information (okay, maybe also a tiny bit of luck). It’s fairly simple to get started and can make the game more exciting as well as lucrative. If you’re new to the world of sports betting, it’s a good idea to start with small bets and work your way up as you gain understanding and confidence. You can bet in person at a local sportsbook or on an online website like Unibet.

Join a fantasy league

Another way to get more involved in sports is to join a fantasy sports league. Fantasy football is one of the most popular fantasy leagues and has evolved from a simple branding exercise to a multi-billion-pound enterprise. However, it doesn’t necessarily need to involve betting; you can set one up with a group of friends just for fun or for low stakes, like whoever wins gets free drinks all night.

Write a blog

If you keep up with analytics, trades, and expert opinions, you might want to start your own sports blog to get your own opinions out there as well. Maybe you feel the current sports analysts aren’t covering a specific topic, or are overlooking certain players that are up and coming, or maybe you feel you have something worthwhile to contribute. It’s easy to start your own blog. Find a free templated website, or even just start a social media account like a Twitter page or Facebook page where you can express your thoughts.

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