OFSAA: Huron Heights win 31st Metro Bowl

The 31st Metro Bowl is officially in the books, as last night the Don Bosco Eagles took on the Huron Heights Warriors at the Rogers Centre.

The most anticipated game of OFSAA’s Bowl Series started as a one sided match, as Huron managed to control the tempo of the game. Although Don Bosco played hard, it was the Warriors who would rack up the score in the first half with three rushing touchdowns. Neither team had success throwing the ball as the Eagles did not complete a single pass, and Huron only threw for 36 yards. The halftime score was 21-0 in favor of the Warriors.

Don Bosco had trouble getting successful drives going. In the first half alone they fumbled the ball four times and threw one interception. The second half would be much better for Don Bosco as they opened up the third quarter with a rushing touchdown by no. 36 Clinton Leonard. Quarterback Mahlique Marks played much better as well as he threw for 142 yards, including a 55 yard touchdown to no. 44 Robert Sino. Offensive contributors for Don Bosco also included no. 11 Lenox Adrinkrah who had a couple of big rushing gains and no. 30 Neko Hamilton who rushed for 98 yards. However, the valiant effort was not enough as Huron was able to control the clock by running the ball for the entire second half.

In total Huron rushed the ball for a 376 yards, however Huron quarterback Kaleb Scott was only able to tally 36 passing yards. No. 21 Derek Pasani was Huron’s best running back as he rushed for 175 yards and a touchdown. Scott ran for 125 yards himself and scored a touchdown earning the Player of the game award. When asked about his award, Scott said that, “Derek Pasani should have won. He rushed a lot of our yards.” Scott is proud of his team saying, “we worked really hard and the team played great to get the win.”

Don Bosco head coach Rob Ford commented on his team’s performance saying, “We are very proud of our team. They represented themselves very well. If you would have said our team would have gone this far at the beginning of the year I would have said absolutely not. We proved a lot of people wrong.”

This was the third time Huron has played in a Bowl game, but the first time they have won. This was Don Bosco’s first Metro Bowl appearance, and Coach Rob Ford is sure that we will see the Eagles next year for another Bowl appearance.

2012 Metro Bowl – 31st Edition –  Statistical Summary



Huron Heights Warriors (Newmarket)     28     vs.     Don Bosco Eagles (Toronto)     14


Qtr.        Team     Time                      Play                                                                       Convert                         Running


1st        HH      5:44     Derek Pasani, 7 yard run                                 Luke Griese                 HH 7-0

1st        HH      7:45     Kyle Lacosta, 10 yard run                              Luke Griese                 HH 14-0

2nd        HH      :45       Kaleb Scott, 4 yard run                                   Luke Griese                 HH 21-0

3rd        DB      9:31     Clinton Leonard, 2 yard run                           Sergio Meza                HH 21-7

4th        HH      1:53     Kaleb Scott, 1 yard run                                   Luke Griese                 HH 28-7

4th        DB      3:57     Robert Siino from Mahlique Marks, 55 yds.  Sergio Meza                HH 28-14



Huron Heights                                   Don Bosco


Rushing (att.-yds.)                  56-376                                                 18-140

Passing Yards                         36                                                        142

– Team Losses                         -1                                                         0

Net Offence                            411                                                      282

First Downs                            22                                                        11

Return Yards                          25                                                        35

Fumbles-Lost                          1-1                                                       4-4

Interceptions by                      1                                                          1

Penalties-Yards                       2-25                                                     4-30





WARRIORS                                     EAGLES


Rushing (atts.-yds.)                  Derek Pisani 25-175, td                          Neko Hamilton 5-98

Kaleb Scott 20-125, td                       Mahlique Marks 3-13

Receiving (cat.-yds.)                Cody Murrell 2-36                              Robert Siino 1-55, td

Terell Swaby 3-42


Passing                                    Kaleb Scott 2-4-0-1                            Mahlique Marks 5-7-1-1


Tackles                                    Max Byrnes 5                                      Jordan Russell 9










Year                Champion                                           Runner Up                                          Score


2011                Donald A. Wilson (Whitby)               St. Andrew’s College (Aurora)           21-14 (ot)

2010                Holy Trinity (Courtice)                       King City                                            28-3

2009                Markham                                             Birchmount Park (Scarborough)         19-0

2008                St. Michael’s College (Toronto)          Donald A. Wilson (Whitby)               42-12

2007                St. Michael’s College (Toronto)          Huron Heights (Newmarket)              16-14

2006                St. Michael’s College (Toronto)          Pickering (Ajax)                                  18-0

2005                Pickering (Ajax)                                  Huron Heights (Newmarket)              24-19

2004                St. Michael’s College (Toronto)          Pickering (Ajax)                                  22-15

2003                Cedarbrae (Scarborough)                    Northern (Toronto)                             25-21

2002                St. Michael’s College (Toronto)          Etobicoke                                            42-6

2001                Richview (Toronto)                             Central Technical (Toronto)                37-0

2000                Lorne Park (Mississauga)                    Notre Dame (Burlington)                    11-0

1999                Nelson (Burlington)                            Central Technical (Toronto)                22-20

1998                St. Michael’s College (Toronto)          Agincourt                                            43-6

1997                Nelson (Burlington)                            Cedarbrae (Scarborough)                    14-7

1996                Clarkson (Mississauga)                       St. Michael’s College (Toronto)          27-0

1995                St. Patrick (Sarnia)                              Mayfield (Brampton)                          37-34 (ot)

1994                Northern (Toronto)                             St. Patrick (Sarnia)                              30-21

1993                St. Patrick (Sarnia)                              St. Michael’s College (Toronto)          20-6

1992                West Hill (Scarborough)                     Markham                                             24-6

1991                Richview (Toronto)                             Central Technical (Toronto)                42-24

1990                Northern (Toronto)                             Markham                                             14-11

1989                Sir John A. MacDonald (Scarborough)           Michael Power St. Joseph (Etobicoke)             27-8

1988                Central Technical (Toronto)                Pickering (Ajax)                                  16-10

1987                Central Technical (Toronto)                Paul Dwyer (Oshawa)                         20-14

1986                Victoria Park (Toronto)                       Markham                                             21-12

1985                Woburn (Scarborough)                       Victoria Park (Toronto)                       36-7

1984                Jean Vanier (Richmond Hill)              Northern (Toronto)                             36-5

1983                Woburn (Scarborough)                       East York                                            21-14

1982                St. Michael’s College (Toronto)          Woburn (Scarborough)                       13-0

How they got here:

Don Bosco Secondary School

Hometown: Toronto

Nickname: Eagles

Head Coach: Hon. Rob Ford

Athletic Association: Toronto District Catholic Athletic Association League: Toronto Catholic – 1st title

2012 Record: 8 wins, 0 losses

2012 Games:

Regular Season

September 25th vs. Chaminade Win 36 – 0

October 4th vs. Mother Teresa Win 51 – 7

October 12th vs. Michael Power Win 36 – 6

October 18th vs. Henry Carr Win 23 – 7

October 25th vs. Senator O’Connor Win 35 – 8

League Playoffs

November 2nd vs. Henry Carr Win 35 – 0

November 8th vs. Senator O’Connor Win 26 – 14

Metro Bowl


November 21st vs. Northern (TDSB) Win 31 – 0


November 21st vs. St. Andrews College (CISAA) Win 27 – 11

Don Bosco Bowl record: first appearance TDCAA Bowl record: 3 wins, 3 losses; Championships Metro St. Michaels College 2002, 1998, 1982

Huron Heights Secondary School

Hometown: Newmarket

Nickname: Warriors

Head Coach: Al Rover

Co-Head Coach: Heath Weir

Athletic Association: York Region Athletic Association

League: York Region – 6th league title (1981, 2005-8; 2012)

2012 Record: 9 wins, 0 losses

2012 Games:

Regular Season

September 22nd vs. Markham Win 41 – 0

September 27th vs. Bill Crothers Win 42 – 0

October 5th vs. Newmarket Win 35 – 0

October 11th vs. King City Win 18 – 15

October 19th vs. St. Joan of Arc Win 65 – 0

October 25th vs. St. Brother Andre Win 56 – 0

League Playoffs

November 5th vs. Newmarket Win 50 – 0

November 10th vs. King City Win 18 – 13

Metro Bowl Semi-final

November 21st vs. Donald A. Wilson (LOSSA) Win 40 – 3

Huron Heights Bowl record: 0 wins, 2 losses YRAA Bowl record: 1 win, 7 losses; Championship: Metro Markham 2009

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