“I live in a family and province of football fanatics” says QB Rivers

Photo courtesy of Matt Rivers (13)

It would be hard to argue that Saskatchewan has some of the most passionate fans in the country. Heck, even I wanted to get a watermelon head at one point. I did come to my senses though, and now just enjoy the energy that comes out of that province when football season is on.

For quarterback/receiver, Matt Rivers, he knows this passion all too well as he said, “I live in a family and province of football fanatics. This is Saskatchewan. Everyone loves football”.

For seven years, Rivers has been playing this game that was first introduced to him by watching the Riders and his older brother play. He said that this led him to love the game and want to play it. He started with Regina Minor Football and currently plays for CFC50 ranked, Campbell Tartans. He also was selected to play on Team Saskatchewan U18.

Rivers can’t really decide which has been more important to him regarding his most memorable experiences football wise.

“Spring League in Regina Minor Football and playing football with all my buds. Making Team Saskatchewan. Playing with the Campbell Tartans,” he rambled off. All of which are worthy enough to have an impact on any young player.

But more specifically, the people who really impacted Rivers are his high school coaches, Ryan Hall and Coach Stusek, and his Dad.

“Coach Stusek for his life talks before each of our high school games. My high school Coach Ryan Hall and my Dad are both positive influences for me in football and my life by always supporting me and believing in me,” he explained.

Becoming better is what all competitive athletes strive to do. Modelling his game after NFLer Russell Wilson, Rivers uses his athleticism to play both positions as dynamically as he can. He believes that his versatility is what gives him and edge, his ability to be put into different positions and adjust. He can move the chains with his feet or his arm. Being extremely mobile and athletic serves him well at quarterback, but also at receiver.

“Matt is an all-around athletic player that can be effective in a number of offensive positions. He played on our provincial champion basketball team this past year, but still made time to work out consistently,” said Coach Hall of his athlete. “His physical growth and development really enhanced his confidence.”

Coach goes on to say that Rivers will be switching from quarterback to receiver after high school and had already done this with Team Saskatchewan this summer. Rivers said that as a quarterback, he likes to lead the team and put them in the best spot to succeed. However, as a receiver, he “just loves going and getting the ball”. The physical contact of the receiver position appeals to Rivers and he enjoys blocking for his teammates.

While he is looking forward to representing his province in the Canada Cup, he is also chomping at the bit to get the high school season started with the Tartans.

“We have a great team and I am really looking forward to seeing how far we will go,” he stated. “Coach Hall has built an excellent football program at Campbell which includes a great off-season program with a lot of opportunities open to everyone to become better.”

Photo courtesy of Matt Rivers (13)

Skip ahead to after his senior season, Rivers is looking to take Kinesiology and play football at the next level. The recruiting process hasn’t been too crazy for him yet, but he said that since the spring league and being selected to Team Saskatchewan has improved his profile. Rivers loves the Prairies, but says he is open to any post secondary program.

Adjusting to this next level can be fairly smooth for some and disastrous for others. Rivers is realistic that it could be “challenging”. However, he is excited for this challenge. In the off-season he said he is going to be involved in strength and conditioning programs, as well as his SAQ program which develops speed, agility, and quickness.

“Just learning the culture and systems of the team and working as hard as I can to prepare myself for the next years,” is what Rivers expects of himself his freshman year once all his preparation has paid off and he arrives on campus to his new home for 4-5 years.

“Matt is coachable, committed and hard-working, so he is putting himself in a good position to continue playing after high school,” said Coach Hall. “He is a very loyal and dedicated Tartan. I am looking forward to him having a great senior season.”

Anyone who comes from Saskatchewan knows that football is king. For this young athlete, it means the world to him.

“I’m very passionate about it. I think a lot about it during school and all the time. I grew up in a family and a province that are crazy about football.”


Matt Rivers (#13)
Quarterback, Receiver
6’2, 175lbs

Teams: CFC50 Campbell Tartans, Team Saskatchewan U18, Regina Minor Football
Official visits: none
Unofficial visits: none
Considerations: open
Commitment: none
Class: 2018

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