JACOBS: RECRUITING 101 – What you need to know to get recruited (PART 1)

Somewhere between middle school and grade 12 football players get divided into two groups, those who will move onto to play collegiately and for the majority, those who will not. After years of playing “for the love of the game” young players are starting to get very serious as they realize recruitment is the key to their future gridiron dreams. The line dividing these two groups however is not always clear and for many the struggle is to get noticed.

For the big name stars, attention is never an issue, but what about those borderliners, the ‘tweeners, the players who may slip through the cracks, but may just as easily shine at the next level. For these guys the recruiting landscape can be a veritable minefield. What can you do to help yourself get exposure? We caught up with several CIS recruiters and few NCAA coaches and asked a short, but not simple question….what’s the key to getting recruited?

Advocating for football prospects one story at a time.

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