Journey more important than the destination for RB Alexander-Amore



Jugglers standout beginning recruitment process

No challenge is too great for Notre Dame Jugglers running back Teon Alexander-Amore.

Teon Alexander-Amore

Running back

5’7, 145 lbs

Notre Dame Jugglers (high school: BCHSFA)


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For Teon Alexander- Amore, life has been about overcoming obstacles. The running back has been raised by his grandparents and was born with fine motor skills limitations. That has not stopped the standout from Notre Dame Jugglers of the British Columbia High School Football Association (BCHSFA) from excelling in school and on the football field.

Teon credits his grandparents for helping him get to the point he is both in his football and life journey. He believes because of his grandmother’s help and being held back by her, Teon was able to progress drastically in school up to date.

“In grade 4, I was working at a grade one/two level. My grandmother removed me,” Teon said. “She placed me in the Catholic private school system in Vancouver, had me retained a grade, and I have since caught up to my grade level.”

“I do receive Program Support and last year at the end of grade eight , I received a 76 percent average, with an Honourable Mention for the last two terms, just below Second Honours. “

On the field, Teon thinks that his raw athletic ability will help him surpass any goals he has for himself. Hard work and Talent are the keys for him to get to the next level. Also, Teon also credits Dino Geramia, coach of Team BC for helping him get to this point.

“Dino Geramia, Technical director with Football BC, and coach for Team BC , kept in touch with my grandmother, and in January 2014, took me under his wing,” Teon said. “He allowed me into the gym with The Game Ready/Life Foundation.”

“I was working out with junior varsity and varsity footballers, three times a week, keeping weight training, speed and agility training geared to my age and weight size.”

Teon recalls a moment in his career that resonates more than anything. He was a flag carrier in the 2014 Grey Cup – something he will never forget.

“I was honoured and extremely surprised,” Teon said. “ To have been chosen to carry the Canadian Flag into last year’s 2014 Grey Cup Game, in front of the CFL Commissioner and GreyCup crowd was amazing.”

“I hope one day to be playing in a Professional Championship game under the dome.”

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