QB Klein leadership and goals

Sometimes throwing a pass doesn’t happen until you try it.

Ethan Klein’s career in football began a little later than some. It was Grade 10 when he showed that he was keen on trying to be on the Jr. football team as a quarterback. With the passion growing throughout grade 10, he realized that he wanted to develop more and commit time to being a better football player. His grade 11 year saw him dedicate more time to training and developing his skill and watching his confidence and leadership grow. Moving over to Bishop O’Byrne High School for this Grade 12 year, Ethan is the starting quarterback and is excited to helm the team into the upcoming season.


Although starting only in the last couple of years, he has been already acknowledge as a upcoming player, being awarded overall best player in his Grade 10 year, and being nominated for athlete of the year. With these couple of years under his belt, Ethan’s most memorable moment last season with taking his midget team was going to the championship game where they fought till the bitter end but wasn’t the outcome the team was hoping for. However, Ethan learned a lot in that situation and helped him narrow his skills and where he needs his own personal improvement.

Being that Ethan is an overall athletic young man, helps with all he needs to lead a team on the field. He credits his other interests and teams he has played on in the past like Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, and Track. These all helped to get him where he is today. However, there is one sport that he would rely on if he didn’t have football. “I also have a strong passion for Golf and have the passion to play in the PGA one day if football doesn’t go any further.” A strong and determined athlete which will in any sport be a blessing to help go the distance.

The recruitment process hasn’t at this time begun, though there has been a visit to the University of Alberta and had a chance to watch the football program there. However, Ethan is currently considering University of Calgary, University of British Columbia, but in his own words “My real passion and heart is to play down south on a NCAA team like Oregon, Texas A & M and LSU.” And this only just proves that Ethan has the drive to accomplish great things. Any offers he is willing to explore in this senior year.

Ethan credits his father and grandfather with being his major influences in his life and in football. These men have a passion for the sport that Ethan has also adopted and nurtured into his personality. Another person who has made their mark on Ethan’s young football; career is his junior football coach. “He really made me come to love the game and want to pursue the sport past high school.”


With all of these endeavours behind him and in front of him, Ethan has one more push to help him succeed, his future goals. “This season my goal is to be a key part of my team. To take us to the City Championship and possibly win. I would like to improve my game, and my awareness of the defense. I would like to improve my accuracy percentage as well and train to put on some weight.” Great goals for the future and dedication to the sport will only make Ethan succeed in whatever he may pursue even in football.


Ethan Klein
6’0, 157 lbs

Teams: Centennial High School Coyote (ASAA), Calgary Stampeders Midget (CAMFA), Bishop O’Byrne High School Bobcat (ASAA)
Commitment: None
Official Visits: None
Considerations: open
Class: 2017


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