Laurier an ideal environment for local recruit to excel

Tillonsburg linebacker joins OUA team’s 2016 class.

Liam Spencer will be playing at the CIS level in his home province.

The 6’3, 215 pound linebacker from Tillonsburg, Ontario signed with Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks,  Spencer will join the team for the 2016 OUA season.

The defensive standout comes to Laurier after completing his career with Glendale Gemini of the Thames Valley Regional Athletic Association (TVRAA).  During the 2015 season, Spencer recorded five sacks, had five forced fumbles, four recoveries, three punt blocks and registered 65 tackles in seven games.

Liam Spencer commitment 2

Spencer issued the following statement regarding his commitment to the Golden Hawks:

“Laurier was the very first university I had ever come in contact with during the summer after grade 10. Coach [Ron] VanMoerkerke came down to speak at a local camp I was volunteering at that my high school coach put on for youth players in the area! They immediately had an advantage not only from making contact so early on but also that coach VanMoerkerke is from the town I grew up (Tillsonburg), and grew up with my parents.”

“I found that pretty cool as he’s a very accolade covered and accomplished Defensive Coordinator and in my town’s Sports Hall of Fame.. I also met Coach [Dwayne] Cameron quite early on in my grade 11 year with Team Ontario.. I liked how serious the coaches are. They know how to joke around, and have their fun but they mean business. They are the kind of coaches to tell you how it is and not sugar coat anything.”

Liam Spencer commitment 3

“During my recruiting process they were straight up, and bluntly honest which was really awesome. I loved the community at Laurier and the tightly knit community that has been formed there. As I took a fifth year in highschool, I had a super long recruiting process and with about six official visits throughout two and a half years. I was able to have Laurier feel like home without me even going there yet or committing.”

“I got to meet some players who were super talented and welcoming, all the coaching and team staff.. Bill Parsons, the Academic Advisor for the team was a big part too as he went into the same course I am taking (political science) and had a successful career with it working on Parliament Hill and such. He is real and authentic and I have a mandatory meeting with him once a week as a rookie and I think that asset will help me in this transition so much.”

Liam Spencer commitment 4

“The team has showed continuous improvement in their records, production and recruiting and I am a big fan of joining a team that has been building themselves up. I wasn’t as drawn to teams that were in the main spotlight as much because I wanted to work for an accomplishment, not arrive there and have a team already doing that and me not being able to contribute.”

“The coaching staff are just real and down to earth, and they genuinely care about their players and the kids they are recruiting. They focus on pushing us to not only become the best football players, but they stress on becoming the best version of you in all areas of your life. They push their players to become the best men they can.”

Liam Spencer commitment 5

“This will not only be a great experience, but it will prepare me for my life post university greatly and will teach me lessons that I couldn’t learn elsewhere. I have a good opportunity to learn from two East-West Bowl linebackers and other coveted veterans. I dream of playing CFL one day and I know nothing is given to you, but I think Laurier has the resources, coaches and teammates that could send me to my highest potential. So whether that happens or not, I can’t really tell but I do know I’ll be in an environment pushing me to be my absolute best every single minute that I am there.”

“My head coach Lee Janzen also knew my aspirations of CIS and helped me become better in so many ways, as he came to me prior to the season and let me act as the Defensive Coordinator, designing the entire defensive playbook and also making all the calls on my own while on the field.. Our new Offensive Coordinator was coincidently Ron VanMoerkerke’s brother and as I got to know my new coach, I knew I’d be in the right hands coming from one brother to the next.”



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