LB Blue fell “in love” with football because of brother


Donald Blue fell “in love” with football when his brother started playing and he watched from the sidelines. He was eight years old at that point.

“My older brother was the probably biggest factor in the decision for me to play football,” he said.

Donald’s brother also happens to be the most influential person in his life.

“He’s the entire reason I got out onto that field, and he’s been one of my biggest supporters throughout my time playing football,” Donald said. “Everything I did growing up was trying to outdo him and make him proud, and entering high school I knew I had a name to uphold and I couldn’t let him down so that made me train that much harder. Every step of the way he’s been there for me, and he’s always there when I need help, be that football or in life.”

And coincidentally enough, his memorable football moment was when he watched his brother play in a championship game during his senior year in high school.

“To this day, that was one of the most intense football games I have ever watched, and seeing all my brother’s hard work pay off was something I will never forget,” he said.

Donald enjoys playing linebacker for various reasons.

“Playing linebacker has been something I’ve always loved,” Donald said. “From a young age, I realized that was the position on the field I could constantly be making a difference, whether it be in the run game or defending against the pass. I love playing linebacker because it’s one of those positions where no matter the play, there’s always a chance you can make a big play for your team.”

And his “ability to read the offence” gives him an advantage.

“I’m not the biggest guy out there by any means, so I don’t have time to react to the play late, so I learned pretty quickly that I need to be able to read the offence faster than other linebackers,” he said.

In 2017, his high school stats were 76 tackles, two sacks and four forced fumbles.

These are the awards he’s won during his career: 2015 NSSAF League Defensive Rookie of the Year, 2016/2017 NSSAF Division 1 First Team All-Star and 2017 NSSAF League Scotia Division Defensive MVP.

As for the recruitment process, it has been “great” so far.

“All the coaches I have spoken to were very respectful and upfront with me,” he said. “Having coaches invite you down to experience what it’s like being at that school is something I definitely appreciate because not every player gets to experience that.”

When he enters his freshman year of university, his goals are to apply himself in everything he does and prove what he can do on the field.

“You’re not owed anything walking onto a university football team, every opportunity you get has to be earned,” Blue said. “I’m simply looking to earn the opportunity to play on game day.”

Donald is “confident” he’ll be able to adjust to the next level.

“I know if I train hard enough and listen to everything the coaches have to say and apply all the lessons they teach me, I will be fine,” he said.

His favourite quote is: “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

Donald Blue (#33)
5’9”, 200 lbs
Teams: Sir John A. Flames
Commitment: None
Official Visits: Mount Allison, Acadia, Bishops
Considerations: Mount Allison, Acadia, Bishops, Open
Class: 2018


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