LB Bujalski willing to take risks and push himself

Eryk Bujalski (47), Vincent Massey Trojans

Eryk Bujalski is heading into his final year with the Vincent Massey Trojans in 2017. The young linebacker loves his position because he is the one that gets to keep the defense focused and he also makes sure that everyone knows their role. Eric explained, “I love being loud, calling out the formations of the running backs or pullers. I also really enjoy the contact, meeting a fullback or a puller in the gap and driving them back. For me this is what football is, it’s doing your assignments, being loud and vocal, playing with your teammates and making sure they know what they’re doing and hitting hard.”

Once he moves on from Vincent Massey Collegiate, Eryk is interested in joining the Faculty of Education. Eryk would like to become a physical education and health teacher, and incorporate his strength of speaking French. “I would also like to continue my care in football and play at the next level, no matter what it would take,” replied Eryk.

The recruitment process has been great for Eryk. Many great schools have been in contact with the Trojans’ playmaker. “It has been a pleasure meeting all these great people and being introduced to their schools,” said Eryk. “It is also very rewarding, it is showing me that my hard work is starting to pay off.”

Eryk hasn’t made a commitment to any post-secondary schools at this time, but his top three choices would be: McGill, Queens and McMaster. These schools are in Eryk’s top three because each of them is strong academically, and they have a strong, well-coached football program.

Adjusting to the next level will be tough for Eryk because he mentioned that the intensity and the expectations of the game rise a lot. “I know that it will not be easy but I am willing to take the risks and push myself to adjust as quick as possible,” proclaimed Eryk.

Eryk’s expectations of himself as a freshman would be that he would have to be very strong mentally because the level of school and football increases a lot. “I have to be very tough mentally to work everything in and to make sure that I am giving my 100% effort at all time,” said Eryk.

To improve for this upcoming football season Eryk is going to change a variety of his daily routine. He will properly nourish himself to increase his performance and energy. Eryk will also study his playbook as well as his previous games for any mistakes that could be fixed, and he will train hard. Eryk added, “I am attending the UofM Bison strength and conditioning program which is helping me increase my strength mentally and physically,”

There are two groups of people in Eryk’s life that really influence him to be a bigger and better person. Eryk’s family, as well as his coaches at Vincent Massey Collegiate have made a big impact on his life.

Eryk’s family have always pushed him hard, and they have never let the process be easy for him. While competing against his siblings, Eryk had to work very hard being the youngest to catch up to their level. Eryk’s parents have been a very big influence on his life, teaching him life skills and cultural skills that will help him in the future. They also taught him to never give up, keep pushing yourself, and have helped him believe that the impossible is possible.

The coaches at Vincent Massey have assisted Eryk massively with the process of his football career. Whether it was doing drills over and over again until Eryk and his team got them perfect, or always teaching him the purpose of being a student athlete, and helping Eryk be a better person in the community.

Football means a lot to Eryk. Football has taught Eryk discipline and respect towards others. Eryk has built many strong friendships through playing football. “When playing other teams, we might try to perform at our best and compete against each other, but in the end we are all family since we share the same passion,” said Eryk. The sport has also brought Eryk and his friends together, and helps them become closer always going over to each other’s house to watch NFL or CFL games. Eryk mentioned, “Football season is the best season of the year for me.”

The most memorable moment in the young Trojan’s football career was when his team went on a trip to Kona Hawaii to play a game against the Kealakehe High School Waveriders. Playing a team from a different country, playing with different rules and in a different climate was a very great and memorable experience for Eryk.

During his 6 years on the gridiron football has taught Eryk many great lessons in life that he uses every day. It has taught Eryk to respect one another as if they were family, and to incorporate everyone and push your teammates to help them become the best athletes that they could be.

Football has also taught Eryk to always work hard and give 100%, always give it your best you can, finish every rep in the weight room, and study and work hard in the classroom. Eryk concluded, “The biggest lesson that football has taught me was to never give up. Football has helped me with this one because it has proven to me that you can get the result you want if you don’t give up.”

Eryk Bujalski (#50)
Linebacker, Fullback
5’10, 210lbs

Teams: Vincent Massey Trojans (WHSFL), Fort Garry Lions (MMFA), Team Manitoba U16, Team Manitoba U18
Commitment: none
Official Visits: none
Considerations: open
Class: 2018


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