LB Surdykowski hoping to increase his value by playing extra year in high school

Jake Surdykowski has been playing football for ten years in Waterloo region. He has suited up for a handful of teams during his career: Twin Cities Warhawks, Twin Cities Predators, Cambridge Lions (OVFL) and his high school team, the SJAM Highlanders.

There is one aspect of his position that he thrives on.

“I love the physicality,” he says. “Football is a contact sport and playing linebacker lets me take advantage of that all over the field.”

As for the recruitment process, he hasn’t gained much traction thus far. “It’s been slow, to say the least,” Jake says. “A few chats here and there, but nothing major. I hope to gain more and more interest in my fifth year.” Jake has made unofficial visits to the University of Waterloo and the University of Guelph.

He is uncertain as to how he’ll be able to adjust to football at the next level.

“Honestly I don’t know,” he says. “I feel like the tempo that university football brings will be something to get used to.” Jake always strives to be the best and he knows which areas of his game require improvement.

“I’ll be in the weight room like I’ve always been,” Jake says, “as well as playing rugby for the first time this year to improve my speed and toughness.”

He is “unsure” of what his future plans will be school-wise and football-wise.

“CIS football is definitely something I’m striving to compete in,” he says. “I’m willing to play as far as my work ethic and skills can take me.”

One thing is for sure, football is the centre of Jake’s universe.

“Football’s been my main sport my entire life, it’s what I’ve built my athletic career upon and I hope to take it as far as I possibly can.”


Jake Surdykowski
6’1, 210 lbs

Teams: Twin Cities Warhawks, Twin Cities Predators, Cambridge Lions (OVFL), SJAM Highlanders (high school)
Commitment: None
Official Visits: None
Consideration: Waterloo, Guelph, Open
Class: 2018


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