Lineman Gingrich-Hadley demonstrates gridiron versatility

CWUAA, NCAA options in play for Cobras stanodut.

Cochrane Cobras lineman Dylan Gingrich-Hadley is on a quest to put the work in to make his goals a reality.

Dylan Gingrich-Hadley

Defensive Line, Offensive Line, Special Teams

6’3”, 245 LBS

Cochrane Cobras (high school: ASAA)
Cochrane Lions Minor


Official Visits:

Calgary, Simon Fraser (NCAA Division 2), Open


Dylan Gingrich-Hadley

Diversity in life and positions on the field will help conquer all.

Some people are lucky to have the ability to take from many avenues in life and apply the lessons learned to their passions. Dylan has been lucky to have already figured this out. His time with football started in Grade 5 with the Cochrane Lions, where he stayed until High School and then started with the Cochrane Cobras. But with all of this experience in football he has also played basketball and lacrosse in which he has taken some of the knowledge of these two other sports and has applied it to football.

“It’s nice (to play other sports) because you always learn a new skill in the side sport that you can apply to football.” He explains.

Being awarded the most improved player, best defensive linesman and a league all-star has also given Dylan the ability to show his wide range of diversity. However, with a single goal always in mind, Dylan would tell you before the personal accolades the highlight was duplicating the Provincial Championship.

Although any of the above noted personal achievements Dylan would be quick to point out that he is deeply influenced by his parents and teachers. But as for football influences, it would be all the coaches over the years.

“They have been encouraging me and pressing me to be better and play harder, because if I want to make it to the next level you’ve got to put the work in.”

With this motivation from behind the bench, Dylan plans on continuing on with post-secondary school. He looks to finish high school and to continue on to university to either study in outdoor – environmental field or kinesiology.


At this time he is keeping his options open, but has already put some considerations in with Simon Fraser University and the University of Calgary. He is uncommitted at this time but has visited both these institutions and found the schools and football staff an exciting community.

As for the recruitment process it has been quite calm as of now. However, it doesn’t slow down Dylan as he is always trying to add variance to his regiment.

“I try to get to the gym every day, if I can, and plan on working on cardio this season.”

He is also quick to mention that his personal goals are to become bigger and faster. But the most important would be working on the linesman skills as his diversity of starting on both sides of the ball this upcoming season.

Some of us just have the ability to see the other side of things better than others. Dylan knows how to apply his diversity to the line he faces on the first down.


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