Long Break in CFL – How the pandemic influenced Canadian Football

It’s no secret that the pandemic took an especially big toll on the CFL. Play has been suspended, TV contacts cannot be honored, and the league’s finances are suffering as a result. The effects of the pandemic on the sport may be far graver than the minor inconvenience of fans not having been able to watch their favorite team and place bets on it at an online casino this season. Let’s explore.

The fear of all Canadian football fans may become a reality – the Canadian League may not return to the field until the wave of coronavirus has passed. And now we are talking not only about the end of 2020, but also the theoretical overcoming of Covid-19 completely.

At the moment, the nearest future, which predicts the return of the football team to the field, will take place no earlier than in 2022. Only if the virus will be completely overcome. This decision was made not because of principle, but for the sake of the population safety.

Getting Canadian football back on track depends not only on the patience of the players but also on government support. In 2020, it has already refused to support the team and simply did not issue a financial support package. Due to this, the Canadian league simply did not participate this season.

The worst hit awaits for clubs and teams that are not privately owned. Since the state clubs will not be able to get any support from its government.

Since the CFL is as dependent on their live broadcasts, it would be a hard period with losing their fans, as COVID-19 does not permit mass gatherings.

The reporter also makes it clear that the team is not suffering because fans will become disillusioned with their favorite team. Due to the fact that mass events are currently being held, it is not possible due to the coronavirus epidemic. Over some time, football fans can simply lose interest in Canadian sporting events, and this is the reason why the league worries and fears for its future.

Now the team needs to hope for something magic to happen because if there are no fans, their sports activities are under threat. And in order to get the sports club back on its feet, the football league will have to work hard.

Dave reports that if the league does not find a solution to this problem in the near future, the CFL will have a very hard time. It will be necessary to find the right solution in order to restart the sports movement, even though the number of fans is getting smaller.

Until now, the team does not have any valid plans that could already be set in motion. The CFL owner does not give any precise comments, but we can say that if the team loses more than 15 million dollars (which is worth almost half of all the franchises of the national team), the league will no longer be possible to recover.

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