LS Chaz Marshall takes immense pride in his position

Chaz Marshall has been playing football for nine seasons as a long snapper and center, but he feels that his work off the field is just as significant as contributions on it. As much as Chaz knows he’s a talented football player, he sees his experience on the field as a way to learn more so that he can be a better teacher and role model in his spare time.


“I enjoy volunteering at least one day a week at our local recreation center. Also, while at training working with younger kids in my group, they are looking up to me and I feel it’s important that I give back.”

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It’s clear that Chaz has had many people in his life that have helped create the outstanding character inside him. The people that best represent that around him are his family, and that’s part of the reason why they’ve been the most influential people in his development.

“My family have been there every step of the way and Family is so important to me. But my Dad has coached me from a child and helped develop me into the player I am. My football IQ and my work ethic are because of him and them. We are a team.”

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A lot of people forget the importance of some positions in sports, but Chaz takes a ton of pride in his contributions to his team as a long snapper. A well-oiled machine sees every part of it as functional and Chaz knows that the same thing goes for a good football team.

“Long snapping is a skill that is developed, sure anyone can just fire a ball back to the punter but without proper technique it becomes a roll of the dice. A true Long snapper specialist is a machine, the same form each and every time, knowing the rotation of the ball as it travels back to the holder/punter and always making adjustments to ensure that the laces rotate perfectly for holders and punters.”

Chaz puts a lot of stock in his leadership capabilities. He knows that regardless of what happens with his team, he’ll always have their back and never quit on them. That’s a very positive mentality to have and it’s one that’s created from winners.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Chaz drew a lot of attention to himself as a potential fit for post-secondary schools, and it was only a matter of time before one of them swooped him up.

“On Feb 17 I committed to attend the University of Calgary and receive a scholarship. Calgary is an amazing University and football program run by coaches that made me feel welcome and explained they had a need for me. Coach Harris is a great coach and leader that will ensure the programs winning ways and I want to be a part of that. After I went for my official visit, I knew right away that this was the place for me. The university offers everything I am looking for and I look so forward to pursue a degree in Environmental Science’s while being a student athlete for as great a team as the Dino’s.”

Chaz Marshall (#62)
Position: LS/C
Team: Terry Fox Ravens
Ht/Wt: 5’11/215 lbs
Class: 2019


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