Milton Keynes to Host Canadian Football Game

Many will likely have heard of the NFL, as it is arguably the most popular sport in America. With the USA being the global superpower it is, many of its sports have seeped from the country and spilt into others, who have begun to take an interest and play them. A great example of this is Japan’s interest in baseball and the country currently rank number one in the sport in the world. However, one only must look closer to home to see how sports like American football have spread. There is also a great football scene in Canada and although it is expectedly smaller than the NFL, it is ever-growing.

In the sporting world, it is common knowledge that the NFL returned to the United Kingdom a couple of weeks back to play two regular-season games in the capital of England. Now, it seems that a similar event will happen but this time, the lesser-known Milton Keynes will play host to a Canadian game for charity. It is clear to see that American football is growing in popularity in England, but the same cannot be said for Canadian football. It might come to the surprise of some that the sport has different rules involved and so the fact that it is coming to Milton Keynes represents a great opportunity for all who are interested to learn and appreciate the sport.

On Saturday 6th of November, Milton Keynes will host a fundraising event in service of the Amelie Fund, an initiative that aims to raise money to support grassroots British American football. Schemes like these are becoming increasingly more common as the sport from the States grows in popularity in the UK. One thing that Brits are already beating the Americans on though is the betting scene, which has been massive in the UK for years. In comparison, in America, those who want to place bets with bet365 for example cannot do so as easily as Brits can, as many regions in America still prohibit the activity.

The event in MK will take place at Emerson Valley Sports Pavilion, and locals will know that the venue is home to the Milton Keynes Rugby Club. The town is also home to Stadium MK, home to the MK Dons football team who currently compete in League One of English football.

It makes sense that the event is also part-sponsored by coffee and doughnuts chain Tim Hortons, given the franchise’s Canadian heritage. They also have a branch in Milton Keynes, making the event even more fitting. Those who live in the town will be happy to know that there will be another Tim Hortons opening in Westcroft. The fact that the event is free to attend means that there a trip to the famous restaurant is in order after the proceedings have ended.

As the game is a UK first, it is likely to prove highly popular and a big audience is expected. Those who don’t want to miss out should be sure to arrive early to avoid disappointment.

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