Mind of McCabe: Why can’t people be football fans?


The CFL season is almost upon us, and I’m excited for another year full of debates and controversy that mean nothing and everything all in one breath. There’ll be talk about the attendance in Toronto, about the playoff alignment, about the challenge system, and of course my new neighbor, Johnny Manziel, but I want to talk about you guys.

You as in the future of our great country. The young football players we trust to carry us into a better tomorrow. Where the CFL surpasses the NFL in popularity and reaches heights never seen before. A day where the CFL competes against the NFL for the Super Grey Bowl. Okay maybe scratch out that last part – I got a little patriotic there – but we need to have a chat about why the younger generation in Canada always shy away from the CFL.

Advocating for football prospects one story at a time.

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