MTA players have ‘pride playing for the Mounties’

MTA add a provincial commit and an out-of-province commit to their team.

Defensive backs Alex Robichaud from the University of New Brunswick and Donovin Small from Holland College will be looking to give it their all with the Mount Allison Mounties.

Alex Robichaud

By Shannon Amero.

Playing for the Mounties have been a longstanding dream of Alex Robichaud, and it is about to come true.

“I’ve been an instant fan of this school and the football team when I first watched a game with my high school football team back in grade nine,” Robichaud said. “I liked the hard work and dedication the team has, and you can really see that every player has pride playing for the Mounties and the team has a great history behind it and from there I really wanted to join this squad.”

He added that, “Also I like the school. It’s a great school, one of the best undergraduate school in Canada, in a small town close from my hometown, so, to be able to stay in my province and close to my hometown and get a good education and to continue my football career is nothing more I could wish for.”

Robichaud, who is from Moncton, New Brunswick, is interested in the school’s commerce program. He has been studying administration for two years. He said he is still looking to finish his studies in business.

Looking at the coaches, Robichaud said it is a great group. “Peter and his coaching staff are doing a good job and they are building up a great program and can’t wait to be a part of it,” he added.

Robichaud has been played football since he started high school in 2013. Standing at 5’11, 210lbs, his primary positions are defensive back and linebacker. He said he has played both position at an even share throughout his football career. In his six-year career, he has played for Les Olympiens de l’Odyssee (NBHSFL) in high school and the University of New Brunswick Red Bombers (AFL).

In 2016, he attended a ‘Top Prospect Canada’ combine in East Hants, Nova Scotia. He also won a provincial championship with his high school team in 2014 and an AFL championship in 2017.

When he reflected on himself, Robichaud said, “I’m a versatile player and I’m not afraid to play smash mouth football.”

Donovin Small

For Donovin Small, it was all about familiarity. “I chose to go with Mount Alison because I had a previous relationship with Zak Colangelo and I have a good number of former teammates at Mount Allison, so it already has a home vibe too it,” Small said. “I heard a lot of great things about the coaches at Mount Allison from my friends that currently play for the team, so I think very highly of them.”

Small, who is from the Greater Toronto Area, played with the Monsignor Paul Dwyer Saints (LOSSAA) and the Durham Dolphins (OPFL). He then joined the Holland College Hurricanes (AFL). Last year he won a ‘defensive player of the year’ award for the Hurricanes.

Having taken business at Holland college, Small is interested in continuing with business at Mount Allison.

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