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MWFL Annual Meeting to build on excitement of tenth anniversary season

With the Maritime Women’s Football League having held its Annual General Meeting, there is a feeling of excitement and anticipation as their 2014 season approaches. As 2013 signified their milestone tenth anniversary season, the league is confident that 2014 shall be the foundation upon which the next decade shall provide unprecedented growth.

Several motions were passed in order to bring about a commitment to improving the overall quality of the game. Both passed unanimously, the first included an earlier start and finish to the season. Looking towards 2014, the first game shall be held on April 26. The postseason weekend, which includes the Friendship Bowl (third-place game) and the SupHer Bowl (for the Judy Upward Trophy) shall take place on June 21.

The other motion which passed was the establishment of a pair of jamborees. The first shall take place in the province of Quebec during the weekend of May 17-19. Having established a partnership with Les Pirates de Richelieu, it is a strong step forward in helping the league become even stronger. Another jamboree is scheduled in New Brunswick prior to Canada Day Weekend, starting on June 28 and ending on June 30.

One key initiative also included a review of the MWFL Constitution and By-Laws. While said review underwent extensive detail, a proceeding revision was composed in order to better reflect the growth.

Another key aspect of the AGM involved establishing the leadership for the upcoming season. A group of Team Representatives and Executive Members were assembled, in order to provide structure and shape. Of note, each franchise was allocated one team representative.

Drawing on her strong leadership skills and role as the President of Football New Brunswick, Lisa Harlow became the representative for the Saint John Storm. Having done a superlative job of conducting team requirements in an administrative and managerial capacity, Tasha McMaster shall serve as the Halifax Xplosion’s representative.

Having competed with the Canadian National Team in 2013, Kristen (Shot) Chatterton also contributed to the Capital Area Lady Gladiators SupHer Bowl X title. Her leadership makes her a wise choice as the team’s representation. The Moncton Vipers shall have Mel Legere holding the responsibility of representation for their franchise.

On an executive level, several changes came into effect. Cheryl O’Leary of the Capital Area Lady Gladiators is the newly elected President. She shall succeed Hannah Hamilton, who will now serve as the Vice-President for 2014. Having served as treasurer in 2013, Trina Graves will be replaced by Tina Theriault. In addition, a new face shall contribute as the league’s Communication Director, with Amy Salter having earned the nod. Repeating as Secretary for 2014 will be Holly Arthur of the Halifax Xplosion.

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