Nothing else matters when OLB Brakel is on the field

Scott Brakel was a defensive standout for the Dakota Lancers in 2016. Last season, he recorded 29.5 tackles, 1 interception and 7.5 special teams tackles.

“The thing I love about my position is that you can just read, react and trust your instincts,” mentioned Brakel.

The young Lancer has modeled his game after the Minnesota Vikings’ Harrison Smith. Brakel chose Smith because he thinks Harrison Smith is the best safety in the NFL because he can do everything. “I’ve been watching him play since he first entered the league and I’ve only seen him miss two tackles which is how sure-tackling I strive to be,” said Brakel. “The way he carries himself off the field is also very admirable he has never been suspended or in any trouble and rarely uses social media.”

Photo credit: Glenn Dickson

Once Brakel is done in high school he hopes to still be playing football at a high level. Another interest for Brakel post-secondary is computer sciences.

At this time Brakel hasn’t been too deep into recruitment. He has spoken to a few coaches but nothing to extensive. Brakel hasn’t committed to play anywhere yet, but he mentioned that he’d be happy playing anywhere.

If he were to make it to the next level of football, Brakel believes he can adjust very well because he has a very strong work ethic. Brakel added, “I will do anything necessary to make sure I’m ready for the next level.”

Brakel’s personal expectations for his first year of university/college football would be being able to contribute to the team in any kind of way.

In order to keep his production up on the field this year, Brakel has been in the weight room at least 5-6 times a week this offseason, and on the field about 2-3 times a week.

The most influential people in Brakel’s life and football have been his family and his coaches. “These people always want what is best for me and I know they’ll always be there if I ever need anything,” mentioned Brakel.

Football is on Brakel’s mind at all times. Every time he steps onto the field is when he is the happiest because he’s able to just focus on football and nothing else matters.

The most memorable moment in Brakel’s football career was in his first preseason game with Dakota. He explained, “That was the first game I really felt confident in my playing ability and didn’t second guess myself at all.”

Throughout his experiences of playing football, Brakel has learned how to trust himself, and be confident in the choices he makes in life.

Scott Brakel (#20)
Outside linebacker, safety
5’9, 176 lbs

Teams: Dakota Lancers (WHSFL), Greendell Falcons (MMFA)
Commitment: none
Official Visits: none
Considerations: open
Class: 2018

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