Ontario Prospect Challenge profile: Grymek-Nifo has many football aspirations

Today CFC features Ontario Prospect Challenge participant Tyler Grymek-Nifo.

Position: Linebacker

Height/Weight: 5’10″/240 lbs

School Status as of September 2013: Grade 12

Current Team(s): Etobicoke Eagles

The Ontario Prospect Challenge is almost half over, but there is plenty of time left to register and get trained. So far some of Ontario’s best have come to try out in hopes of being names to CFC’s Top 100 list.

Tyler Grymek-Nifo’s football career may only be four years old, but already the seasoned linebacker has established his future goals. “My goals as a football player are to go to university and represent a university well by playing on their football team,” Says  Grymek-Nifo. “Another goal of mine is to be the best I can be on my team and help them out as much as i possibly can; ranging from leadership to actually playing the game technically. My top goal is to be drafted to the CFL and play in the CFL for a while. Other goals include making the OPC team, and making Team Ontario.”

Many players have many reasons for wanting to participate in the OPC, and Grymek-Nifo is no different. “I chose to participate in the Ontario Prospect Challenge because I think it will offer great exposure as a player, give me more experience as a football player, and also to increase my skills and talents as a player. It is also a great opportunity to play with, and against some of the best players in Ontario. This competitiveness and training will make me a better football player overall.”

Grymek-Nifo has a lot to be proud of so far in his young career. He won the National Underclassmen Combine as the MVP among linebackers.

Football Sack 2

Tryouts (Phase 1) for the Ontario Prospect Challenge began September 21st.  A ‘one-time’ tryout fee allows you to compete in as many tryouts as you wish.   CLICK HERE for registration information.

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