Ontario Prospect Challenge Profile: Smith looking to showcase greatest abilities (VIDEO)

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Offensive Line (Right/Left Tackle, Defensive Line (Tackle)

6’3, 275 lbs

Superior Heights Steelhawks (high school: NOSSA)
Sault Sabercats (OVFL)


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Noah Smith has been playing football as soon as he could at the age of eight in the Sault Minor Football League (SMFL), where he spent six seasons playing both offensive and defensive line.

From there, he then entered his first year of high school football with the Superior Heights Steelhawks, where he was placed in the defensive tackle position and became a full time starter.

Under the guidance of one of his greatest coaches, Paul Simard, he was taught everything he needed to know about being a great football player and the importance of having a passion for the game.

Noah’s Grade 10 season was began on the offensive side of the ball as an offensive tackle, but as the season approached the playoffs he began to play both ways majority of the time.

That season brought the Steelhawks a NOSSA championship after only allowing one touchdown against all season, and Noah a Lineman of the Year title.

For his junior year, Noah returned to being a starter on the defensive line and he advanced his abilities under the coaching of Fred Casselman.

An undefeated season brought Noah to his first OFSAA bowl game, and it will remain one of his personal favourite highlights.

“Near the end of the game we were up and looking to seal the game out, it was at this point that I made my personal best play, picking a shovel pass from their quarterback out of the air from the defensive tackle position,” said Noah.

The turnover led to a Steelhawk touchdown that allowed them to win the game 26-7.

This past year, Grade 12, brought him back to both sides of the ball, but primarily at the left offensive tackle position.

The Steelhawks ended up in another OFSAA bowl game, but despite losing this time, Noah had his greatest game to date and earned an OFSAA Simcoe Bowl Player of the Game award.

He was also given the Superior Heights Coaches Award to top off the season.

Alongside high school, Noah has also participated in two seasons in the Ontario Varsity Football League (OVFL) for the Sault Ste Marie Sabercats.

He has experience on both sides of the ball in the OVFL over the course of these two seasons, but has most recently been starting at right offensive tackle.

“Playing at this high level has taught me an immeasurable amount regarding the calibre of football Ontario truly has, and has pushed me to do the best I possibly can to benefit not only myself but my team as well,” commented Noah.

As a returning athlete next year, Noah sees being on the #CFC100 as an ultimate goal.

“If you are a part of the #CFC100, you are one of the best players in your class all across Canada,” explained Noah. “To be honoured by that would be incredible, however it would not come without hard work.”

Moreover, his goals for the Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC) are to showcase his skills and what he has to offer to the greatest degree.

He also hopes to assist the Halton-Peel team the best he can, and ultimately finish the day with a win.

“This will be my first chance to play football at such a high level,” commented Noah, “I am looking forward to learning a lot about my own game and where I need to improve to be the best player I possibly can.”

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During the offseason, the Steelhawk has been weight training with the guidance of Frank D’addetta, and has seen great increases in his strength, speed and explosiveness.

He also often studies film, picking out an aspect of his game that needs to be improved and attempt to gain a greater understanding of the game itself.

Noah also took a football class at school, which has given him the opportunity to improve his game. They were given the chance to study film up to three days a week and work on their own craft within the facilities.

On the field, Noah’s idol is fellow Canadian, Tyler Varga of the Indianapolis Colts because he is an incredible athlete who overcame what is usually a career ending injury in his final year of high school.

“To me Tyler is the epitome of what the lessons taught in football can help one achieve,” said Noah. “Overcoming an incredible injury, to having a very decorated university career both academically and athletically, and finally making an NFL roster.”

“Without a doubt Tyler Varga serves as a personal inspiration both on and off the field,” added the Steelhawk.

Noah loves football because ever since he first touched the field, he has been at home.

“Football is much more than a past time, if you are serious about the game it’s a lifestyle,” said the Steelhawk.

He likes that there is always room to improve, and that with proper guidance and dedication you can easily become the best player you can be.

“The game itself is addictive, the intensity of in game play, to the brotherhood you develop with your teammates, there is not one facet of the game I would change,” commented Noah.

“There are 12 men on the field at once, and as cliché as it may sound, if one is down there are 11 other guys around prepared to pick them back up,” continued Noah.

He says that football builds strong people, but it also takes an understanding, different sizes, strengths and natural instincts. The sport’s multifaceted nature evens the playing field to allow all sorts of athletes to excel.

“I love football because to me it isn’t just a game, it’s a chance for people to push themselves to achieve, it’s a chance for people to learn about themselves, but most of all it creates some unforgettable memories,” said Noah.

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