Ontario Prospect Challenge Profile: Wild for Football

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Position: Middle Linebacker
Height/Weight: 5’6, 110lbs
Teams: Cornwall Wildcats (mosquito – NCAFA)
Commitment: N/A
Official Visits: N/A
Considerations: Open
Class: 2020

Twelve-year-old Parker Drake has played four years of football to date, starting at the age of nine when he played offensive lineman for the tyke Cornwall Wildcats of the National Capital Football Association (NCAFA) during their spring season.

Drake’s first year in football was not very shocking, but he improved immensely during his second year, even though he was still a very small offensive lineman. He overcame his size with his passion for the game and was awarded MVP Offensive Lineman for the tyke Wildcats.

The summer following the spring season the offensive lineman attended the Brian Leonard Football Camp. Unfortunately Drake had to deal with bullying because of his size, but he stayed on his feet going into the fall season.

This was the first time Drake has ever played a fall season, and he had an opportunity to play as partial defensive lineman during one game, as well as play as an offensive lineman for the rest of the season.

His third year of football was not the best. It was Drake’s first year of mosquito and he was slightly worried of who he would play against because of his size. The team did not win a single game that season, but Drake stayed positive all the way through until the end of the semi-final game.

“… I didn’t let that get me down because to me winning isn’t everything, having fun is,” said Drake.

The Wildcat was selected to play for his first non-rookie team in his most recent year of football, and the coached switched him to defensive end, as well as offensive lineman and special teams. That season Drake was awarded the league MVP trophy for the mosquito division.

Drake will not be having an offseason as he is playing the winter season again this year, but at times when he is not playing football he stays in shape by playing other sports such as baseball, as well as school sports and intramurals.

The middle linebacker’s goal for the Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC) is to have class.

“[I don’t want to be] someone who just brags, but someone who is very motivational during the game because that’s been my personality for the past 4 years,” comments the Wildcat. “I don’t need to be picture perfect and this is going to help me in football because it’s not just a game, it’s an experience.”

Moreover, making the CFC 100 list in his graduating year could be a potential goal of Drake’s, but he is currently more focused on improving himself as a player.

“I love to play football because it’s a sport where every position is as important as the other and if one doesn’t do his job the whole team can’t function properly,” explains Drake. “No position is less than the other and that’s what I love about this game.”

“Football is a sport where you can collaborate and make friends easily just by playing together. That’s why it’s unique… because just like people, no sport is alike.”


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