Ontario Prospect Challenge TOP 100 Profile: Eade eager to play hard


Today CFC features Ontario Prospect Challenge participant Quinten Eade. Quinten is one of 600 players who will be participating in the TOP 100 CAMPS in April.

Position: Cornerback

Height/Weight: 5’2″/90 lbs

School Status as of September 2013: Grade 9

Current Team(s): York Simcoe Bucs, St. Maximillian Kolbe Mustangs

The Ontario Prospect Challenge tryout phase is over, and now many are anticipating the TOP 100 camps that will happen this spring. Cornerback, Quinten Eade, came out to test his skills against some of Ontario’s best players.

Although he may only be in grade nine, Quinten Eade has been playing football for six years already.

“I chose to participate in the OPC  to show my skill set, to make the team and play aggressive,” says Eade. “My goals for the opc are to learn new techniques, play hard and to make the team.”

Eade has seen his share of success and challenges on the gridiron. In 2011, he won the Defensive Player of the Year award from his team, and was a part of a championship team in 2010. Recently Eade had a serious knee injury, but thanks to hard work and trainer, Ivan Buronji, he has recorvered.

Tryouts (Phase 1) for the Ontario Prospect Challenge completed in 2013.  April TOP 100 Camps & May Game has been scheduled.

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