Ontario Prospect Challenge Top 100 Profile: Haye strives to build on success


Today CFC features Ontario Prospect Challenge participant Nathan Haye. Nathan is  is one of 600 players who will be participating in the TOP 100 CAMPS in April.

Position: Linebacker

Height/Weight: 5’10″/190 lbs

School Status as of September 2013: Grade 10

Current Team(s): Holy Trinity

The Ontario Prospect Challenge tryouts have come and gone, and many of Ontario’s best and brightest came out to compete. Nathan Haye tried his best to crack the OPC Top 100 list this past fall.

“I chose to participate in the Ontario Prospect Challenge because I saw it as an opportunity for exposure to scouts, it also allowed me to develop as a player by being coached by so many knowledgeable coaches who have been around the game for so long”, says Haye. “My goals for football is to use it to get a post secondary education and after that to take it as far as possible.”

Tryouts (Phase 1) for the Ontario Prospect Challenge completed in 2013.  April TOP 100 Camps & May Game has been scheduled.

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