OPC: Brand new adventure for Team Halton-Peel Underclassmen DB Holroyd

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Jared Holroyd is driven to succeed as a defensive back.

“I am always motivated to do something and try my best,” explained the 5’2, 118 pound cornerback.  “I have been taught that if you really want something, you pick yourself up off the field and go get it.”

Throughout his time with the Thunder Bay Minor Football Association (TBMFA), his passion for playing his position became apparent.

“The thing I like most about my position is that you have the opportunity to make game changing plays like interceptions and quarterback sacks,” elaborated Holroyd.  “It also takes a great deal of skill and teamwork to play this position well.”

Holroyd credits his coaches for encouraging, yet motivating him to excel on the field.

“I look up to my teachers, they have taught me and pushed me to do my best at everything I do which is why I am here today,” expressed the Ontario defensive standout.

Furthermore, he emulates his brother on the field.

“I model my game after my older brother,” said Holroyd.  “My brother is a phenomenal football player and I have always tried to be like him.”

On Saturday, the defensive back will take part in one of the greatest gridiron events of his career. He will compete at the Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC) as a member of the Team Halton-Peel Underclassmen squad.

“The decision of trying out for the OPC wasn’t even a thought until my friend’s father asked if I would like to try out,” recalled Holroyd of his introduction to OPC.  “I was told we were just going down to “have fun” and “do our best” and at the very least, show what talent Thunder Bay has to offer.”

For his part, Holroyd is thrilled to share his OPC journey with teammates and other participants.

“The thing I am most looking forward to is the experience of OPC and also being able to play with new people and coaches,” added the Team Halton-Peel defensive back.  “Previously, I have only played for Thunder Bay Minor Football teams and their summer program so this will be a very different experience.”

“I am also thankful I get to share this with five of my regular teammates.”

Jared Holroyd 1

So far, the OPC process has been a mixture of emotions for Holroyd.  However, he is grateful for the chance to be instructed by the Halton-Peel coaching staff as it has helped him to improve on his skills.

“The OPC has been an amazing experience for me so far,” reflected the Ontario standout.  “I have learned so much about how to standout in a group of very talented players and a lot about who I am on the field.”

“Working with the coaches at the OPC has been fun but stressful. It was fun because you get to learn a different way to play the game. It has been stressful though, because while trying to learn, the coaches playing style, you have to forget the ones you already know.”

As the OPC is the biggest gridiron event he has participated in, he is dealing with the added pressure that comes along with it.

“I will handle the pressure of the OPC by realizing that win or lose it is just a game and life goes on,” commented Holroyd.  “Also, I will remember that everyone else is probably just as nervous as me.”

Holroyd is taking measures into his own hands so that he can be ready come kickoff on Saturday at Kiwanis Field at St. Catharine’s.

“To prepare for the game, I have been working out, doing cross fit and practicing with my friends and coaches,” offered the Team Halton-Peel defensive back.

Overall, he is grateful for the opportunity to accomplish some feats and make some new gridiron memories at OPC.

“My goals for the OPC are to bond with new teammates and to have fun doing my best trying to win,” said Holroyd.  “I am very excited to be able to play on a team with new people just because it is different.”

“Also, playing against other people will be fun.”

Holroyd has time on his side when it comes to the recruitment process.  Set to graduate in 2020, he already has one major career and gridiron goal he wants to achieve.  The Team Halton-Peel defensive back believes OPC will ultimately put him in a closer position to realizing it.

“As a player, I want to one day have the chance to try out for either the CFL or NFL,” commented Holroyd.

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