OPC: Team East Underclassmen LB Henley-Vachon’s smart sense

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During his gridiron career, Colin Henley –Vachon has displayed his intellect on the field.

“I am very good at reading offenses and I always fight for that extra inch because I know that football is a game of inches,” explained the 5’5, 145 pound linebacker.

His first taste of the sport was when he was 10 years old as he suited up for the Nepean Redskins of the National Capital Amateur Football Association (NCAFA).  In addition to the Redskins, Henley-Vachon also plays for the bantam Ottawa Myers Riders of the Ontario Varsity Football League (OVFL).

With both teams, Henley-Vachon has grown passionate about playing his primary position.

“I play linebacker because I love to hit and in my opinion it is the most fun position to play in football,” added the defensive standout.  “I love laying in big hits on the other team.”

“It’s also a perfect mix between pass coverage and run stopping.”

While he stays true to himself on the field and does not emulate anyone else, Henley-Vachon does look up to one former NFL linebacker, Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens.

“He is a big inspiration for me because he’s not a very tall guy and he shows that with hard work you can achieve your life long goals,” elaborated the Ontario linebacker.

Colin Henley Vachon 2

This weekend, Henley-Vachon will compete in the Ontario Prospect Challenge (OPC) as a member of Team East’s Underclassmen’s squad.

“My NCAFA head coach introduced me to OPC and I have been grinding since I found out about the program to prepare for it,” recalled the Team East linebacker.  “I’d also like to thank my parents for supporting me and putting in the commitment to get me to where I am now.”

Moreover, he is ecstatic of the opportunity to be part of the entire OPC process.

“The OPC experience has been an honor,” commented Henley-Vachon.  “I have been able to play with so many great athletes and be coached by the brilliant coaching staff at OPC.”

“It has been awesome working with the OPC coaches.  They always come out with fresh minds. They have been really pushing me to become the best athlete I can be.”

Playing at TD Stadium in Ottawa comes with its challenges; however, Henley-Vachon will come prepared to conquer them.

“There is a lot of pressure in the game but it will not impact my performance,” added the defensive standout.  “I have been in the gym and out at OVFL practice giving it 100 percent almost every day since last November preparing for this game.”

Colin Henley Vachon 3

Come kickoff, there is one thing that Henley-Vachon can’t wait to experience during the game.

“I’m really looking forward to be playing with and against all the talented athletes in OPC,” said Henley-Vachon.  “All the players have worked hard to get here and play.”

For the Class 2019 linebacker, there is a unified personal and team objective that he would like to accomplish on Saturday.

“My personal and team goal for OPC is to go out on game day and win the game,” stated Henley-Vachon.

Ultimately, Henley-Vachon hopes that his participation in OPC will get him further in quest to realize his ultimate gridiron dream.

“As a linebacker, my goal is to play NCAA football and professional ball,” expressed Henley-Vachon.

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