OPC: Victome’s versatility an asset for Team Central Underclassmen squad

The countdown begins to CanadaFootballChat.com Ontario Prospect Challenge on the May 1st weekend.  In the days leading up to OPC, CFC will preview the teams, coaches and players participating in the big event.

Kevin Victome’s strength is his versatility on the gridiron.

“I can play any position and be good at it,” said the 5’7 ½, 140 pound running back.  “I’m as good in offense as running back and receiver as well as half back and safety in defense.”

“At school I’m playing as a quarterback. For each position, I try to be the best.”

During his career, he has demonstrated this asset with the many teams he has suited up for including Gloucester South Raiders of the National Capital Amateur Football Association (NCAFA), Cumberland Panthers of the Ontario Varsity Football League (OVFL) and Franco-Cite Falcons of the National Capital Secondary School Athletic Association (NCSSAA).

“My favorite position is safety,” added Victome.  “However, most of the coaches believed that I have a great potential as a running back.”

“So, since I just love to play football, I take the position my coaches’ think that I will be the most valuable for the team.  That is where the action is really is. There are so many things you can do with the ball when you have it. The biggest rush is when you almost at daylight and it’s just one on one with a defender. That’s my favorite part.”

Kevin Victome 2

On the field, Victome emulates two NFL stars – Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings and LeSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I try to copy both their styles,” commented the Ontario standout.  “One likes to juke and dance with the defenders and the other one is a speed runner with lots of power.”

“They are both my inspiration. If I’m able to integrate both their styles, I will be an awesome running back.”

On Saturday, Victome will take part in the Ontario Prospect Challenge as a member of Team East’s Underclassmen squad.

“At school, the football coach gave a paper to each players regarding OPC,” recalled the running back of his introduction to OPC. “At home, I search it to realize that it’s a big challenge because I have to try out and get ranked among the Top 100.”

“Then, I also realized that I had to be ranked among the top 40 to be chosen to make the team and play at the game. As I love challenges, I’ve decided to take a chance and tryout.”

Kevin Victome 3

So far, it has been a special yet invaluable OPC process for Victome, especially with the interactions with both teammates and coaches.

“The first thing that comes to mind is just that it was such a fun experience,” reflects Victome.  “During the practices, coaches tried to mix in the intensity (how it’s hard and sometimes we are tired) and tried to make sure we had fun – joking around, doing plays, challenging the defense.”

“I also learned new plays and I look forward to execute them.”

“The highlight is when I start seeing my team mates as friends instead of only seeing them as teammates.  I thought the coaches were going to be serious and super strict all the time but I realized that they were making sure we were having fun while learning the plays. They were not only focusing on the game. At first, I tried out for defense. Then, the offensive coach approached me and asked that I try out for running back. Although it is not the position I was looking forward to play, I had fun learning it. I can totally say that I’m better than how I was before because the coaches knew what they were doing. The coaches really help me improve my game.”

At this point, the Team East standout is not feeling the pressure of playing in front of many spectators at TD Place.  However, if that does change, he feels that he can handle it.

“For me the best way of handling the pressure is by ignoring it and focusing on what I have to do,” added Victome.  “I’ve been training and practicing our plays so that I’m ready to execute it on Saturday.”

Kevin Victome 4

As OPC will be a main stage for many players to showcase their talents in front of recruiters in attendance, Victome is using this opportunity to position himself for when the time comes to make a decision in the 2018 season and beyond.

“Until it happens, I’m focusing on improving my football skill so that when it will be time to apply to colleges or university time I will be ready and noticeable,” explained the Team East standout. “I’m hoping to make it to the CFL/NFL one day.”

“For now, I want to make it to the next level, meaning be good enough to get a college or university scholarship to play football while studying. I also hope to be a role model for someone else, being a running back someone else will look up to.”

Kevin Victome 5

Victome is focused on Saturday’s game against Team Central.  He is looking forward to the opportunity to play with and against other players from Ontario.

“I can’t wait for the challenge of playing against very good players across Ontario,” commented the Team East standout.  “The stronger the payers are, the harder the game is, the better the challenge!”

“Playing against the best really helps improve my own skills as a player. Also, I’m really looking forward playing in the same stadium as the Ottawa RedBlacks. I’m mostly excited to see how well my offensive unit will do at the game; to see if were gone come through! I don’t know any of the players in the other team but I heard they are very well prepared but so are we.”

Ultimately, Victome wants to accomplish a couple of main objectives at OPC.

“My personal goals are to make the best out of every time I touch the ball, make my team proud and hopefully be the Most Valuable Player of the game,” expressed Victome.  “The team goal is to win by more than a touchdown and have fun at the game.”

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